Elon Musk’s jaw hit the floor after this lawmaker goes on an unhinged rant

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Western governments have demonstrated lately that they will do anything to seize power. 

As with most government power grabs, this comes at the detriment of enlightened citizens everywhere.

And Elon Musk’s jaw hit the floor after this lawmaker goes on an unhinged rant.

A feud has erupted between an Australian lawmaker and Elon Musk

On Monday, April 15, a group of suspected radical Islamic terrorists descended upon the Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley, Australia. 

One of the terrorists jumped onto the altar, stabbing Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel after yelling out “Allahu Akbar.”  

Fortunately, Emmanual survived the stabbing, the video of which has spread like wildfire across the internet. 

The Australian government has attempted to stop the spread of the video of this gruesome attack, demanding X (formerly Twitter) refuse to allow the video to be shown on the platform. 

So far, Elon Musk has refused to comply, setting the stage for a massive showdown between him and the Australian government. 

Musk took to Twitter to demonstrate his frustration with the Australian government, who he accuses of hiding the truth from the public as well as overextending their power.

Meanwhile, Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie appeared on Sky News Australia last Tuesday, where she went on an unhinged rant on Musk for his refusal to comply with Australian censorship orders. 

Senator wants Musk jailed

“I think he’s a social media knob with no social conscience, he has absolutely no social conscience,” Lambie raved, adding, “Someone like that should be in jail and the key be thrown away. That bloke should not have a right to be out there on his own ideology platform and creating hatred, showing all this stuff out there to our kids and doing all the rest.”

“I’ll say this to everybody else, I’ll be switching off X today, I’ll be doing that before I get to the airport this afternoon, and I suggest that the other 226, there’s 227 members of Parliament, do the same thing. Show him that you mean business,” the radical Aussie lawmaker charged. 

Musk shot back at Lambie, sharply retorting, “She is an enemy of the people of Australia.”

Lawmakers like Lambie fear that allowing the footage to spread could stoke tensions in Australia, particularly against Muslims.

However, Musk and his followers believe that Australia’s attempt to ban the video worldwide goes far beyond their authority and only serves to censor the public.  

This Australian showdown demonstrates the pro-censorship fervor that exists on the Left

Whether it is in Australia or anywhere else in the Western world for that matter, leftists have made censorship a key part of their political platform. 

People such as Senator Lambie believe that censorship gives them a chance to shield people from the harsh realities of the world. 

However, as Elon Musk and others have attempted to point out, such censoring only serves to keep civilians in the dark about issues that directly affect their daily lives. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing program.

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