Jim Jordan put the FBI on notice for this scheme to silence whistleblowers

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The FBI has become politicized to serve the interests of the Democrat Party.

Now it was caught going on a rescue mission to save Joe Biden.

And Jim Jordan put the FBI on notice for this scheme to silence whistleblowers.

Jim Jordan demands FBI official testify about retaliation against whistleblowers

Former President Donald Trump’s first term in office exposed the deep-rooted problems in the FBI.

The FBI has only gotten worse under President Joe Biden after the bureau was caught targeting his political opponents and trying to kill an investigation into Hunter Biden.

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) has had more than three dozen FBI whistleblowers come forward to his office about the politicization in the bureau. 

Now he’s getting to the bottom of the FBI’s retaliation against them.

Jordan requested that the FBI Miami field office special-agent-in-charge Jeffrey B. Veltri testify behind closed doors to the Weaponization of the Federal Government subcommittee he leads.

He wants Veltri to answer questions about the FBI’s “misuse of the security clearance suspension and revocation process.”

A security clearance is a requirement to be an FBI agent and losing it is the end of the line for an agent’s career.

“The Committee has learned that in this role, you were involved in key decisions with respect to the FBI’s adjudication of security clearance matters,” Jordan wrote in a letter. “As such, we believe that you have information critical to our oversight and request that you appear for a transcribed interview.”

Justice Department watchdog says the FBI retaliated against whistleblowers

Jordan’s request for Veltri comes on the heels of a bombshell report about the FBI’s treatment of whistleblowers.

Biden’s Department of Justice Office of Inspector General found that the FBI and federal law enforcement agencies violated whistleblower protections.

FBI agents were having their security clearances pulled and their pay suspended without adequate time to appeal the decision.

Jordan said that he had been tipped off by FBI sources that Veltri was involved in that decision-making process.

FBI Staff Operations Specialist Marcus Allen and Special Agent Garret O’Boyle were two employees who Jordan said he targeted.

“The Committee and Select Subcommittee have also been informed that in these and other cases, you were warned the FBI was not providing these employees with due process in the security clearance suspension determinations and during revocation investigations,” Jordan wrote. “Instead of heeding these warnings, you allowed SecD to move forward with the recommendations to suspend or revoke the whistleblowers’ security clearances.”

Allen and O’Boyle were cited as two examples of Veltri denying them due process.

The Ohio lawmaker said that FBI whistleblowers told him that the evidence of alleged misconduct by them was “tenuous at best and later determined to be unfounded.”

“Notwithstanding the weaknesses of these allegations, you approved the suspension and/or revocation of their security clearances,” Jordan noted.

FBI whistleblowers told the House Judiciary Committee last year that Veltri was the pick to head the Miami field office because of his rabid dislike of Trump.

That field office happens to include Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in its jurisdiction.

The FBI is trying to silence whistleblowers to stop them from exposing the alarming problems within the bureau.

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