Biden appointee in charge of your money just got rocked by one “woke” scandal

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The Biden administration has been worse than many critics anticipated.

It turns out that staffing up with a bunch of radical leftists is a bad idea.

And a Joe Biden appointee in charge of your money just got rocked by one “woke” scandal.

Cancel culture has a way of boomeranging.

Former Harvard President Claudine Gay was forced to step down from her position after it came to light that she had engaged in plagiarism and sub-standard scholarship.

Prior to her plagiarism scandal, Gay attempted to torpedo the career of Harvard colleague Roland Fryer, an economics professor who was the youngest ever to receive tenure at the university.

Fryer ran afoul of the Left when he published a study that blew up the narrative that white police officers were more likely to shoot black suspects.

After that, he was targeted by the “woke” mob, and Gay and other far-left activists ginned up controversy over bogus sexual harassment claims of which Fryer was cleared.

Scholarship called out 

Now, Lisa Cook, who was appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 2022, is at the center of her own scandal.

Cook, a far-left economist who taught at Harvard and Michigan State before her appointment by Joe Biden, is now under scrutiny for allegedly plagiarizing papers during her academic career.

In addition to improper attribution and lifting passages verbatim, Cook’s work was discredited and shown to be shoddy.

Investigative Journalists Luke Rosiak and Christopher Rufo reported, “Her most heralded work, 2014’s ‘Violence and Economic Activity: Evidence from African American Patents, 1870 to 1940,’ examined the number of patents by black inventors in the past, concluding that the number plummeted in 1900 because of lynchings and discrimination. Other researchers soon discovered that the reason for the sudden drop in 1900 was that one of the databases Cook relied on stopped collecting data in that year. The true number of black patents, one subsequent study found, might be as much as 70 times greater than Cook’s figure, effectively debunking the study’s premise.”

Mob mentality

Also, Cook attempted to get respected University of Chicago Economist Harald Uhlig “canceled” for wrongthink.

Rosiak and Rufo added, “In 2020, she participated in the attempted defenestration of esteemed University of Chicago economist Harald Uhlig for the crime of publicly opposing the ‘defund the police’ movement. She called for Uhlig’s removal from the classroom, claiming that he had made an insensitive remark about Martin Luther King, Jr. (The university closed its own inquiry after concluding that there was ‘not a basis’ to investigate further.) Uhlig, in a 2022 op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, asked the pertinent question: Under the leadership of an ideologue such as Lisa Cook, would the Fed continue to pursue its mandate, or succumb to left-wing activism?”

Biden—and Barack Obama before him—has filled his administration with far-left radicals who are pursuing activism instead of good policy.

In vital positions such as the Federal Reserve, that is a serious problem.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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