Elon Musk just set the record straight in a blazing interview that will have leftists up in arms

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Conservatives are getting sick and tired of the elites’ authoritarian agenda.

Some have had enough.

And Elon Musk just set the record straight in a blazing interview that will have leftists up in arms.

For many in Washington, D.C., everything they do centers around bolstering the federal government’s power and scope. 

As a result, today’s federal government wields immense power at the expense of Americans’ personal liberties.

Recent developments have Elon Musk sounding the alarm 

The federal government has taken considerable steps in recent days to bolster its control, particularly when it comes to censorship. 

This has prompted some prominent voices to sound the alarm on what they deem as concerning moves toward authoritarianism.

For example, on Monday, the New York Post published an article titled “Google helped boost Obama, Clinton presidential runs while censoring Republicans: report,” which details how Tech giant Google allegedly helped Democrats over the past several presidential election cycles. 

Elon Musk shared this story, which was titled “Google ‘interfered’ with US elections to help Democrat 41 times since 2008: Report” before the New York Post edited the title.

Musk said in his tweet, “This article understates the magnitude of the problem – Google interferes to help Democrats thousands of times every election season!”

Adding, “This is to be expected when their censorship (aka “Trust & Safety”) teams are have far-left political views.”

In a recent interview with disgraced former CNN host Don Lemon, Musk accused Don Lemon of supporting censorship, which Don Lemon denied, saying, “No, I want responsibility.”

Elon Musk rebutted, “I think you desperately want censorship. You want censorship so bad, you can taste it.”

He then said, “I think we have a responsibility to adhere to the law. And if people want the law changed, they should talk to their elected representative and get the law changed and then we will adhere to the law. But if you want us to go beyond the law, that is, that is us deciding to be censors. And I’m against censorship. I’m in favor of freedom of speech.”

“Freedom of speech only is relevant when people you don’t like, say things you don’t like, otherwise it has no meaning,” he added.

These comments from Musk come just days after many establishment Republicans united with President Joe Biden and Democrats to ram through a massive expansion of censorship powers, in the form of a so-called  “TikTok ban”, which the House passed in a 352-65 vote. 

This bill does far more than simply ban TikTok.  It also gives the President and his Deep State allies the power to ban any website deemed – at the discretion of President Joe Biden –  to be “foreign adversary controlled.”

Establishment politicians just came together to give the executive branch even more power

Over the last several days, the three branches of government took considerable moves to restrict personal liberties, supporting censorship. 

Congress voted overwhelmingly for the so-called TikTok ban, which many experts view as a Trojan Horse, giving the President unprecedented censorship powers. 

Meanwhile, Associate Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson demonstrated a complete misunderstanding of the First Amendment, effectively stating that it exists to protect, and even empower, the federal government. 

For many Americans, these moves in Washington, D.C. represent formidable threats to their individual liberties, primarily their freedom of speech. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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