Donald Trump is demanding apologies after Hillary Clinton tried an eyebrow-raising stunt

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The vast majority of the corporate media has gone to drastic lengths to put Donald Trump and his supporters in a negative light. 

This often means spreading lies and distortions about him and the people who vote for him. 

But Donald Trump is demanding apologies after Hillary Clinton tried an eyebrow-raising stunt. 

This recent censorship attempt unveiled a key play out of the media’s playbook 

In today’s world, a 5-second clip can go viral across the internet in an instant.

The instantaneous nature of today’s media allows distortions to spread like wildfire, as evidenced by Trump’s latest “bloodbath” controversy. 

For context, earlier this month, Donald Trump held a rally in Daytona, Ohio, where he addressed auto manufacturers sending jobs overseas. 

Trump addressed this issue, saying that if elected he would slap a 100% tariff on these vehicles, then stating, “If I don’t get elected, it’s gonna be a bloodbath.”

For people who listened to the entire speech, or this segment of the speech, this claim did not raise any alarm bells, as he clearly used the term “bloodbath” to refer to the potential future of the automobile manufacturing sector. 

However, media outlets like the Washington Post and other Leftists quickly seized on this snippet of his speech, telling their audience that Trump wants to instigate a civil war. 

Democrat politicians like Hillary Clinton quickly joined in – although the clip Clinton shared wasn’t as egregiously snipped as others.

Once the context of Trump’s statements was revealed, some of these hit pieces faded away, demonstrating the knee-jerk reaction of many in the media to frame Donald Trump in a bad light, regardless of the truth. 

This prime example of media and politicians pulling something out of context demonstrates the danger of silencing and censoring people online, especially prominent political figures like Donald Trump.

If Donald Trump and the people who can support him cannot set the record straight, then many believe that nobody will, and these sorts of lies and distortions will go unchecked. 

Journalist Matt Taibbi addressed this problem, writing, “The ‘bloodbath’ episode is exposing how even a nationwide digital blackout of Trump can’t and won’t work, ever.”

He added, “It’s not Trump’s own statements or online “misinformation” or Russian bots or Decepticons or Marilyn Manson or the Reverse Flash or any other diabolical villain animating Trump’s campaign. It’s people who hate him the most, in media, who’ve become nearly the whole of his PR operation.”

The media’s attacks on Donald Trump have not slowed his campaign down one bit 

Much like in 2016, the more that the media attacks Donald Trump, the more steam his campaign gets. 

As it stands, Donald Trump holds an edge in most swing states against Joe Biden, including North Carolina, Michigan, and Arizona, among others. 

Donald Trump’s lead in the polls could be attributed to a number of factors; however, one thing remains obvious, the corporate media’s attempt to slow him down has not worked. 

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