These scholars are overwhelmed as this Orwellian policy is implemented

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Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, Western scholars changed society with the development of The Age of Enlightenment after centuries of absolute monarchies feuding over Europe. 

These scholars placed a heavy emphasis on the rights of individual citizens rather than the rights of monarchs and nobles, conceiving the contemporary notion of free speech and other personal liberties. 

However, these scholars are overwhelmed as this Orwellian policy was implemented. 

Scottish officials are at Whit’s end after this controversial policy backfires 

The Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries birthed many of the social and legal policies in use today across the Western world to this day. 

Many historians and scholars consider Scotland as the capital of the Enlightenment, given the prolific number of poets, philosophers, and scientists who emerged from this small region of Europe. 

Centuries later, Scotland has come under the control of the radical Left, having passed a slew of policies that many scholars claim directly spits in the face of the spirit of the Enlightenment. 

One such policy is the so-called Hate Crime and Public Order of 2021, which gives Scottish authorities immense power to police so-called “hate speech.”

Like other hate speech laws across the world, nobody seems to know exactly what constitutes “hate speech,” with critics of the law claiming that this order could give authorities the power to circumvent free speech altogether. 

Last Monday, Scotland’s so-called Hate Crime and Public Order of 2021 took effect, and immediately, this policy overwhelmed law enforcement officials. 

According to The Telegraph, Scottish Police Officers received over 8,000 complaints within the first week of implementation, completely overwhelming law enforcement officers. 

The chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, David Threadgold, has since issued a dire warning that this deluge of complaints could severely hinder his officer’s ability to handle other matters. 

Per Threadgold, “Police Scotland have gone public and said that on every occasion, reports of hate crime will be investigated.  That creates a situation where we simply cannot cope at the moment. Officers have been brought back in to do overtime shifts and the management of that is simply unsustainable.”

However, he added that he is not giving up anytime soon, saying, “The bottom line is should this demand remain, the police service will have to deal with it but that will clearly impact on other areas of policing.”

Scotland’s hate speech law demonstrates the futility and danger of policing thought 

Within a matter of just one week, Scotland’s hate speech law has already overwhelmed law enforcement officers, preventing them from properly doing their jobs. 

These laws, which many experts agree undermine free speech, have turned citizens against citizens. 

Many Scottish people fear that this order could create long-lasting ripple effects, essentially turning average citizens into secret police, combing over every remark, written statement, and social media post for anything that could be deemed as offensive. 

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