Donald Trump said one word that had Letitia James seething in rage

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Societal norms have gone out the window as Democrats have increased their focus on taking down Donald Trump.

It’s all going belly-up.

But Donald Trump said one word that had Letitia James seething in rage.

Democrats are on a mission to render Donald Trump broke and in prison.

They have hit him with dozens of indictments in multiple jurisdictions, but perhaps the most outrageous bit of lawfare against Trump involved a civil suit.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who ran on a campaign to “get Trump,” sued Trump for fraud, claiming that he overvalued his assets on bank loan applications.

However, Trump paid back the loans with interest, and the banks said they would be glad to do business with Trump again.

Nevertheless, James went ahead with her ridiculous lawsuit, and Judge Arthur Engoron ruled in summary judgment against Trump.

Outlandish fine

After the trial, Trump was forced to pay an outrageous fine of $464 million, and he had to pay the fine before even having the right to appeal the decision.

James then threatened to seize Trump’s properties if he could not come up with half a billion in cash within a month, which is absurd because almost nobody has that level of liquidity.

But an appeals court just lowered Trump’s fine to $175 million and gave him ten days to come up with the money.

After the ruling, Trump said, “I greatly respect the decision of the appellate division and I’ll post the $175 million in cash or bonds or security or whatever is necessary very quickly within the ten days, and I thank the appellate division for acting quickly.”

The reduced bond will allow Trump to appeal the unprecedented fine, which is likely to be reversed.

Bad precedent

Even though Trump won a small victory, the larger implications are still chilling.

Attorney General James and Judge Engoron have established a precedent that it is okay to go after political opponents by hitting them with unpayable fines.

They essentially used a similar tactic from Trump’s book The Art of the Deal, known as “the big ask.”

Make an over-the-top opening demand, then negotiate down to an agreement that is still satisfactory.

Reducing Trump’s fine from $464 million to “only” $175 million, makes the latter figure seem reasonable, when in reality it’s still unconscionable.

Trump’s Attorney Alina Habba wrote in a statement that the appellate division reined in “Judge Engoron’s verdict, which is an affront to all Americans.”

These Soviet tactics that the Democrats are employing cannot be allowed to succeed.

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