This woke bank just got a brutal reality check

Millions of Americans put their trust in banks on a daily basis.

However, like many other modern-day institutions, some bank’s motives are often anything but customer first.

But one woke bank just got a brutal reality check.

Bank of America executives just got a major headache as this report spread like wildfire

Many of America’s top banks have gone completely woke, placing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives above serving customers.

Some banks have even gone as far as to track and target certain customers, who they fear defy the agenda of the radical Left.

In some cases, these banks have “de-banked” or withdrawn banking services for people along political grounds.

Banking giant Bank of America has come under fire for allegedly using these sinister tactics.

In response, 15 financial officers representing 13 different states penned a letter to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, warning him to end these practices immediately.

The officials claimed that Bank of America targets religious, particularly Christian, organizations and causes.

Kentucky State Auditor Allison Ball wrote, “Americans should never have to worry that their personal financial decisions will be weaponized against them.”

“This practice has become all too common, and banks must urgently course correct to uphold their fiduciary duty and safeguard the constitutional freedoms of Americans,” the Bluegrass State official charged.

Ball and her colleagues cited one case in which Bank of America allegedly de-banked Indigenous Advance Ministries, a Christian nonprofit, which helps at-risk children as well as sex trafficking victims.

Bank of America allegedly flagged Indigenous Advance Ministries for confusion surrounding its business type.

Bill Halldin, a spokesman for Bank of America, responded to the allegations, telling Fox News that, “Given the large number of nonprofits we serve that are affiliated with religious organizations, it’s absurd to think religious beliefs are a factor in any account closing decision.”

“Very simply, they are not,” he added.

The 15 state officials indicated otherwise in their letter.

“This pattern of internal political and religious bias at Bank of America poses risks for public funds invested in the company as well as for the millions of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits who rely on its services,” the officials wrote. “Bank of America’s de-banking policies and practices improperly subordinate financial well-being to other factors and place the company’s business interests at risk.”

Bank of America just highlighted the dangers of working with big banks

The controversy surrounding Bank of America emphasizes the danger of working with large banks and other companies with “woke” reputations.

Although big banks like Bank of America have the name recognition and flashy services, this bank and others like it have given in to the “woke” mob over the years.

Rather than treating its customers with dignity, many big banks have made it their mission to police social justice and other DEI principles in the banking world.

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