Jerry Seinfeld just issued this dire warning for Hollywood elites ahead of his new movie

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One of the most successful stand-up comedians and sitcom stars of all time, Jerry Seinfeld, reached superstardom in part by staying politically neutral. 

But woke radicals have started revolting against the star of Seinfeld

And Seinfeld is issuing this dire warning for Hollywood elites ahead of his new movie. 

“The jerk store called . . .”

Back in February, Jerry Seinfeld was accosted by pro-Palestine and Hamas supporters while exiting an event in New York City.

As you can see in the above video, the protestors got in Seinfeld’s face and screamed at him that he was a “genocide supporter” and a “Nazi.”

However, Seinfeld – who is Jewish – wasn’t fazed. He walked toward the crowd, smiled, and waved.

And the comedian is taking the same relaxed approach to launching a new movie while simultaneously pronouncing the death of Hollywood. 

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that . . .”

Nike vs. Reebok.

Nintendo vs. Sega

Coke vs. Pepsi. 

McDonalds vs. Burger King.

All of those brand rivalries will go down in American folklore.  

But Pop-Tarts vs. Country Squares?

Leave it to Seinfeld to make a movie about the toaster pastry wars of the early 1960s between Kellogg’s and Post. 

Unfrosted tells the story of Kellogg’s stealing Post’s idea for a toaster pastry in 1963 and Post’s failed effort to defeat Pop-Tarts with Country Squares – later to be known as Toast-em Pop Ups. 

The movie will be available to stream starting May 3 on Netflix. 

Along with Seinfeld, Unfrosted stars Melissa McCarthey, Amy Schumer, Bill Burr (as John F. Kennedy), Jim Gaffigan, Hugh Grant, Christian Slater, and James Marsden. 

It’s generating a lot of buzz over the film featuring a rumored January 6 parody. 

“Master of my domain . . .”

The movie’s Netflix showing is ironic, considering Seinfeld has been spending his publicity time lamenting that the streaming service and its contemporaries are killing the movie industry. 

“Film doesn’t occupy the pinnacle in the social, cultural hierarchy that it did for most of our lives,” Seinfeld said in an interview with GQ. “When a movie came out, if it was good, we all went to see it. We all discussed it. We quoted lines and scenes we liked. Now we’re walking through a fire hose of water, just trying to see.” 

The “walking through a fire hose of water,” is a reference to the sheer amount of content available to viewers these days, adding that he’s not a fan of “content” for content’s sake. 

The line was ironic, considering Netflix, home of Unfrosted, is considered “the king of content.” 

He added in the GQ interview that the “movie business is over.” 

So, why did the iconic comedian star in and direct a movie in an industry he believes is dying on a platform he believes is killing it? 

In a word – he was bored.  

“It was Covid – I had nothing to do,” Seinfeld said. “So, I got talked into it. “It wasn’t my idea. ‘Seinfeld’ wasn’t my idea either. I keep getting dragged into things and surrounded by the most amazing people.”

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