Jack Smith’s Trump witch hunt could go up in smoke after one shocking incident of tampering

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Democrats are pinning their hopes on Donald Trump being unable to serve as President.

That is why the establishment is working so hard to put him in prison.

But Jack Smith’s Trump witch hunt could go up in smoke after one shocking incident of tampering.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is one of many motivated Democrat lawyers intent on taking down Donald Trump in court.

Perhaps the Democrats’ best case against Trump – the classified documents trial –  although it has lost teeth because Joe Biden was popped for the same infraction and got a slap on the wrist.

The classified documents trial, perhaps the Democrats’ strongest case against Trump, has lost steam after Joe Biden got called out for committing the same infraction and receiving only a slap on the wrist.

Nevertheless, Smith is moving full speed ahead with the case.

But it could already be in jeopardy because the FBI tampered with evidence.

The raid

When Attorney General Merrick Garland authorized a raid on Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, it was a move that even made some on the left raise their eyebrows.

Raiding a former President’s home moves America closer to a banana republic.

In order to justify the raid, the FBI released photos that had documents marked with “classified” cover letters.

The photo quelled concerns among Democrats.

Washington Post establishment Stenographer Philip Bump wrote, “[The] question of whether Trump had classified material with him at his Mar-a-Lago resort has captured the public’s attention. The photo published by the government appears to answer that question quite affirmatively.”

Intelligence expert Douglas London told the press, “People’s lives are truly at stake. Without being melodramatic, anything that helps an adversary identify a human source means life and death.”

However, the cover letters were added after the fact; they were not on the documents when the FBI raided.

Tampering justification

Jay Bratt, a DOJ prosecutor who is currently on Smith’s legal team, explained, “[If] the investigative team found a document with classification markings, it removed the document, segregated it, and replaced it with a placeholder sheet. The investigative team used classified cover sheets for that purpose.”

But Investigative Journalist Julie Kelly pointed out that the on-site FBI agents could not have known which documents were illegally in possession.

Kelly reported, “[W]ho made the on-site determination as to the classification level appropriate for each document? Did agents have security clearance and expertise related to classification? Did the agents know whether the document had been declassified by Trump while still in office?”

They could not have known.

The “classified” cover letters were added to build the narrative that Trump was in possession of life-or-death military secrets.

The press even briefly floated the idea that Trump could have been selling nuclear secrets.

Permanent Washington wants Trump so badly it can taste it.

All of these cases must be viewed with the utmost suspicion.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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