Obama was furious when this independent journalist testified before Congress

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The Democrat-controlled media exposed itself to the election of Donald Trump.

But the problem did not start or end there.

And Barack Obama was furious when this independent journalist testified before Congress.

Former CBS Reporter Catherine Herridge found out the hard way that investigating the D.C. Swamp has its consequences.

Herridge had been looking into Biden family corruption when suddenly she found herself compelled to give up a source.

She refused to do so, and she was coincidentally fired from the news network amid company-wide layoffs at Viacom.

Gestapo tactics

Herridge’s files were seized, which sparked a harsh rebuke from her union.

In light of her treatment at CBS, Herridge testified before a House Judiciary Committee subcommittee on the importance of journalists protecting their sources’ identities.

Another witness who testified before the subcommittee was journalist Sharyl Attkisson, who is well aware of government intrusion on the press.

Attkisson sued the Obama administration for spying on her and accessing her files.

During her testimony, she called out her former employer, CBS, for making editorial decisions based on government pressure.

During her opening remarks, Attkisson also took direct aim at the government.

She explained, “Some time ago, the lawyers who reviewed my stories for me at CBS News alerted me to the shifting legal environment. They told me there were some new, adverse court decisions when it came to journalists being able to protect a source’s identity. From then on, we started having to consider whether a confidential source in a story would be okay with ultimately having his identity revealed if a judge ordered it. Obviously, the answer was often no. I could no longer provide assurances to a whistleblower who feared for his career or safety— that I could guarantee protection of his identity.”

Caught spying

Attkisson also discussed how she was personally spied on relating to her coverage of the botched Obama-era ATF operation Fast and Furious.

She added, “It’s been 11 years since CBS News officially announced that I was targeted by unauthorized intrusions into my work computer. Subsequent forensics unearthed government-controlled IP addresses used in the intrusions, and proved that not only did the guilty parties monitor my work in real-time, but they also accessed my Fast and Furious files, got into the larger CBS system, planted classified documents deep in my operating system, and were able to listen in on conversations by activating Skype audio.”

The story got even shadier from there because the government agent involved turned up dead.

Attkisson continued, “I sued after it was clear the Department of Justice would not hold their own accountable. The case is the first we know of in which a journalist spied on by the government received a clerk’s default against an agent working for government parties in a surveillance operation. It’s a small victory because he was soon reported dead, which means we can’t access potential information leading to the larger players.”

The federal government will do anything to protect its power, and the so-called defenders of democracy in the press are playing along.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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