A blue-collar worker just delivered a two-word message to Joe Biden that set the internet on fire

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is struggling to gain traction in the polls.

Around-the-clock media attacks against Donald Trump have not moved the needle much in Biden’s favor.

And a blue-collar worker delivered a two-word message to Biden that set the internet on fire.

In 2020, Joe Biden did slightly better than expected among non-college-educated white male voters, a demographic that overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump in 2016.

But Biden seems to be losing support among blue-collar workers.

“Trump’s turn again”

A reporter for Newsmax asked a union worker in New York City, “What’s it like seeing so many Republicans in Manhattan, so many Trump supporters in Manhattan? Does that surprise you?”

The man replied, “No, not at all. It’s turning now. Trump’s turn again.”

The Newsmax reporter followed up, “What’s your message to Joe Biden?”

“F*** you,” said the worker.

It turns out that blue-collar workers are not too fond of Biden’s economy or his pro-crime policies or his open border policies or his deference to “wokeness.”

And Biden is losing support among blue-collar males of all races.

Polls show that Hispanic males are leaning Republican in numbers significant enough to alarm the Democrats.

“It’s not working”

Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith, the highest-paid employee at ESPN, also suggested that the bogus indictments and lawsuits against Trump have galvanized some support among black male voters.

Smith said on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, “When I think about Donald Trump, I think about this case in New York, I’m looking at the Democrats right now and, again, primarily I have voted Democrat throughout my life, but I’m utterly disgusted with what I’m seeing. They’re trying to use the law and the courts, they’ve clearly politicized this thing with Donald Trump because they can’t offset the momentum he’s clearly gained. . .He is the presumptive GOP nominee and you don’t seem to have the issues in your favor. Because of that, you’re going to manipulate the system as best you possibly can to avoid him possibly running for reelection again. That appears to be their strategy but I’m here to tell you — it’s not working.”

Biden’s strategy appears to be going all in on college-educated single women, which is the Democrats’ strongest coalition.

That is why Democrats have tried to make abortion the central issue of the 2024 election.

But swing state polls suggest that will not be enough to deliver Biden a second term.

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