Joe Biden was just inspired after this shocking overseas crime prevention tactic took shape

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Crime has exploded all across the globe over the last several years. 

In turn, world governments have spent massive resources on trying to stop such crimes. 

And Joe Biden was just inspired after this shocking overseas crime prevention tactic took shape.

United States officials are keeping a very close eye on this UK crime prevention tactic 

The Western world, in particular, has seen a major uptick in crime, particularly retail theft, in recent years. 

As a result, lawmakers have devoted significant time and resources to combat these crimes. 

In the United Kingdom, for example, the Home Office recently announced plans to spend nearly $70 million on mobile surveillance units, which the government will place on busy streets across the nation. 

These units will utilize facial recognition technology, which officials claim will help police identify repeat offenders in seconds so that police can arrive on the scene in record time to apprehend such offenders. 

Home Secretary James Cleverly addressed this move, saying, “To turn a blind eye to retail crime shakes the foundations of law and order which protect our society and that is unacceptable. We are enhancing our plan and doubling down on the zero-tolerance approach needed to fight back.”

He added, “The number of offenders being charged for these crimes is increasing and while I want to see more people face consequences for their actions, our plan is designed to help put a stop to these crimes happening in the first place.”

However, many worry that the widespread use of such technology could open the door for the government to use these technologies to spy on innocent civilians. 

Silkie Carlo, director of civil liberties NGO Big Brother Watch, shared these concerns, saying, “Rather than resourcing police to actively pursue people who pose a risk to the public, the government’s investment in facial recognition cameras for retail offenses relies on shoplifters walking in front of marked police cameras, and as such will effectively target the lowest hanging fruit.”

Carlo added, “It’s an abysmal waste of public money on a dangerously authoritarian and inaccurate technology that neither the public nor parliament has ever voted on. This will cost not only the public purse but the public’s privacy and civil liberties.”

Opponents of the widespread use of facial recognition technology often point to authoritarian regimes such as China, which uses such technology to follow the every move of civilians. 

The UK’s adoption of facial recognition technology has inspired some in America 

Although the United Kingdom’s widespread use of facial recognition technology may shock some Americans, many parts of America have looked into implementing similar measures. 

California, for example, has looked into using facial recognition technology to control its massive crime surge. 

Many fear that as facial recognition technology improves and its use proliferates, then Joe Biden and his cronies could dabble in using facial recognition as well. 

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