Scandal-ridden DA Fani Willis just clashed with Jim Jordan over one issue

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Witch hunts against Donald Trump continue around the country.

Democrats still have high hopes for the ridiculous election interference case in Georgia.

And scandal-ridden DA Fani Willis just clashed with Jim Jordan over one issue.

The hits keep coming for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Her RICO case against Donald Trump and his lawyers was severely damaged by a sex scandal involving Willis and Prosecutor Nathan Wade, whom Willis hired onto the Trump case despite a glaring lack of experience in the area.

Scandal in Georgia

Willis paid Wade over $600,000 as one of the prosecutors on the case, and the two went on cruises together.

In light of the alleged misconduct, Judge Scott McAfree ruled that either Willis or Wade had to be removed from the case.

Wade fell on his sword and resigned.

Now Willis is locking horns with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Jordan versus Willis

Jordan sent a subpoena to Willis after an audio recording leaked of an employee telling Willis that federal funds were potentially misused.

Willis finally responded to Jordan’s subpoena with a standoffish letter.

She wrote, “I categorically reject the assertion that this office is deficient in responding to the Committee’s subpoena. . .As you note in your letter, we have already provided you with substantial information about our programs that are funded via federal grants. Further, as I expressed to you in my letter. . .[T]his office is in the process of producing relevant documents to you on a rolling basis and is undertaking a good faith effort to provide you with responsive information about our federal grant funding. As part of that ongoing process, we are again today making a document production.”

Willis had a similarly combative posture during the hearing into her potential malfeasance regarding Wade.

The letter continued, “Your primary complaint appears to be that we did not complete the production of your extensive document demands. . .That demand is unreasonable and uncustomary and would require this government office to divert resources from our primary purpose of prosecuting crime. Let me be clear, while we are abiding by your subpoena in good faith and with due diligence, we will not divert resources that undermine our duty to the people of Fulton County to prosecute felonies committed in this jurisdiction. We will not shut down this office’s efforts to prosecute crime. . . let me again state this clearly: nothing that you do will derail the efforts of my staff and I to bring the election interference prosecution to trial so that a jury of Fulcont Country citizens can determine the guilt or innocence of the defendants.”

Trump and his co-defendants are appealing the Judge’s ruling in the Willis-Wade affair, so Willis is not yet out of the woods.

Either way, the scandal granted Trump clear grounds for an appeal if he were to lose at trial.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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