The New York Times is taking the knife out of its back after these comments from Bill Maher and John Cleese

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Many liberal comedians are rejecting the Democrat Party for its war against free speech. 

Despite cancelation attempts, more and more comics are speaking out against media censorship.

And now executives at The New York Times are taking the knife out of their backs after these comments from Bill Maher and John Cleese. 

Bill Maher and John Cleese see the light  

John Cleese is hardly what one would consider a conservative or a right-winger.

However, the long-time liberal does support free speech and the comedic legend uses his platform to oppose the cancel culture mob.

Likewise, Bill Maher is a life-long liberal who now recognizes how radical the Democrat Party and its base has become.

Along with defending free speech, the host of HBO’s Real Time has spoken out against the Left on violent behavior, the gender agenda, and targeting children.

The two comics recently came together for an episode of Maher’s Club Random podcast. 

And through their conversation, the two stumbled upon a new target – The New York Times. 

Comedians vs. The New York Times 

Maher and Cleese sat for a two-and-a-half-hour conversation covering many topics, including their impatience of “the woke.” 

They both blamed the poor state of government-run education and the university system, as well as Big Tech and Big Media for the rapid influx of woke people, who Maher and Cleese suggest don’t know anything. 

Maher began to talk about something he read in a Times editorial when he became sidetracked about what he considers to be the deterioration of the one-time “newspaper of record.”

The New York Times on Sunday very often has on the back page of the weekend review a focus group with people — like 12 people,” Maher began. “And I’m reading this, like, thinking, ‘Oh, we’re so f***ed.’ They’re just saying the dumbest s**t, and it’s printed in The New York Times.” 

Cleese agreed, adding that he used to think it was a “great newspaper,” but he no longer feels that way. 

“Too much editorializing on the front page”

Maher lamented the politicization of the paper, adding he’d been reading it since it was on his breakfast table as a child. 

“What is annoying about it is, it’s not just ‘give me the facts,’” Maher added. “There’s way too much editorializing on the front page, the way the articles that are just supposed to be the facts articles are slanted one way, and I’m not necessarily for the other side. I just want somebody to tell me the whole truth. You can lie by what you omit”

Cleese said he still likes a small handful of Times columnists but agreed with Maher that the reporting is now tilted Left.  

Cleese went on to point out that while it may be worse than ever now, revisionist-history propaganda has existed throughout history, saying it dates all the way back to Shakespeare. 

Maher noted that the New York Times is unlikely to change its ways as it’s found a successful financial niche preaching to a woke audience.  

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