NPR was just caught red-handed in one act disgracing the foundation of the United States of America

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The Public Broadcasting System and National Public Radio frequently claim they’re “funded by viewers/listeners like you.”

The truth is, they’re funded by the tax dollars of hardworking Americans to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars each year. 

And now NPR was just caught red-handed spending those public funds to disgrace the history and foundation of the United States of America.

NPR exposed for blatant left-wing bias

For those who had any questions about the left-wing bias of NPR, a 25-year veteran of the supposed “public news agency” put all doubts to rest a couple of weeks ago. 

NPR Senior Business Editor Uri Berliner wrote a scathing essay for The Free Press, admitting he was a leftist but blasting his company for shaping the news to fit a woke narrative. 

And he provided receipts throughout the essay.

According to Berliner, NPR has always leaned Left but took a hard Left turn when Donald Trump hit the political scene. 

The Peabody Award-winning journalist pointed out that zero registered Republicans work at NPR’s Washington D.C. office. 

Berliner also pointed to examples like taking talking points directly from Adam Schiff, ignoring the Mueller Report, and treating the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell and the COVID-19 lab leak as conspiracy theories. 

Additionally, Berliner claimed there was a company-wide edict from on-high following the death of career criminal Geroge Floyd that NPR’s coverage was to frame America as systemically racist and actively try to change it.

New NPR CEO Katherine Maher – no relation to Bill in fact, she’s called him a “racist bigot” – retaliated against Berliner for his essay by suspending him without pay for five days. 

Berliner responded by resigning from his position. 

NPR puts a trigger warning on the Declaration of Independence

The Berliner expose has resulted in added scrutiny to the taxpayer-funded news coverage from NPR. 

And it’s now been unearthed that NPR staff have been shoveling dirt all over the Declaration of Independence. 

It may come as a surprise to many, but each Independence Day, NPR airs a full reading of the Declaration of Independence for listeners.

It’s a patriotic tradition for an agency funded by the American citizenry. 

However, it appears NPR staff aren’t fond of the tradition. 

In fact, they’ve now issued a “trigger warning” in a story on its website about the Declaration of Independence. 

As you can see in the above tweet, NPR added an editor’s note warning about the offensive nature of the document and words that serve as a bedrock of America and served as the launch of the United States as an independent nation. 

The editor’s note reads: 

This story quotes the U.S. Declaration of Independence – a document that contains offensive language about Native Americans, including a racial slur.

Is the Declaration of Independence racist? 

The Declaration of Independence lays out 27 grievances. 

In the final grievance, it reads: 

“He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions.”

Clearly, Thomas Jefferson and his fellow Founding Fathers were referring specifically to tribes, King George III’s government was turning against the American settlers. 

It should be noted “Native American” wasn’t a phrase when the Declaration of Independence was written in the summer of 1776. 

But apparently, NPR can’t be bothered to offer that context in its content.  

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