All hell will break loose after one shocking image of women flooded the internet

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Conservatives predicted the total collapse of society would accelerate with Joe Biden in office.

Breakneck speed isn’t far off.

And all hell will break loose after one shocking image of women flooded the internet. 

Emerging new market could prove the final straw that takes society into the abyss

The administration of President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can’t take all the blame for a dystopian future that may be right around the corner.

A loneliness crisis has broken out in developed countries in the West and Far East.

Marriage rates are down, divorce rates are up, and birth rates are dangerously below replacement levels.

In South Korea, feminists launched the 4B Movement, which translates to no sex with men, no having kids, no dating men, and no marrying men.

In China, the country has a growing problem of “leftover women” i.e. women in their late 20s and beyond that who are unmarried.

Downward spiral

The proliferation of dating apps and fewer in-person activities—such as church attendance—have put millions of young people in online silos.

And one disturbing consequence could be the rise of AI girlfriends.

Tech CEO Greg Isenberg predicted that AI girlfriends could be a “$1 billion market.”

Isenberg wrote on Twitter, “I met some guy last night in Miami who admitted to me that he spends $10,000/month on ‘AI girlfriends’. I thought he was kidding. But, he’s a 24 year old single guy who loves it.”

The young man told Isenberg, “Some people play video games, I play with AI girlfriends. . .I love that I could use voice notes now with my AI girlfriends. . .I get to customize my AI girlfriend. Likes, dislikes etc. It’s comfort at the end of the day.”

He told Isenberg that there are multiple AI girlfriend platforms.

“It’s kinda like dating apps,” he added. “You’re not on only one.”

Isenberg added the AI girlfriends “[l]ook real, but aren’t. AI models are starting to look freakishly real to me. Maybe you too. Things are about to get pretty weird.”

Demographic problem

AI boyfriends exist, too.

Sadly, this was the logical next step as digital life slowly became people’s reality.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is trying to build an entire “Metaverse” where people can actually buy property.

It is a dystopian sci-fi movie come to life.

The New York Post reported that “[p]latforms such as and Soulmate even encourage erotic role play. Users can personalize AI chatbot’s avatar and give it personality traits depending on whether they want a friend, mentor or romantic partner. The nature of the messages could resemble “sexting” so any erotic conversation would have to include explicit instructions on what the user would like to happen.”

Some governments have attempted to solve these demographic problems with certain programs and social engineering, but the solution is likely a spiritual one.

Religious communities are the only ones that still have a birth rate above replacement levels.

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