Kamala Harris cheered this sitting RINO Senator’s bone-chilling legacy

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Joe Biden’s approval ratings are stuck in the mud.

Kamala Harris is even less popular.

But Kamala Harris cheered this sitting RINO Senator’s bone-chilling legacy.

In 2020, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represented the most anti-gun presidential ticket in history.

Since then, they have lived up to their reputations.

And the Biden administration inched one step closer to a federal gun registry.

New gun law

Harris said in a statement, “Every year, thousands of unlicensed gun dealers sell tens of thousands of guns without a background check, including to buyers who would have failed one – domestic abusers, violent felons, and even children. This single gap in our federal background check system has caused unimaginable pain and suffering. Today, as the head of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, I am proud to say that all gun dealers must conduct background checks no matter where or how they sell.”

Federally licensed firearm dealers already have to perform background checks through NICS.

The new ATF rule – which was helped along thanks to a gun control agreement Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) reached with Democrats and other RINOS in 2022 on behalf of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) – is going after private firearms sellers.

It is already illegal to sell a gun to someone who is not allowed to own one.

For example, ignorance is not a defense if selling to a minor or a convicted violent felon.

But forcing private sellers to use NICS not only increases the cost of private transactions, but it expands the government’s role in firearm transactions.

Plus, it does nothing to deter criminals.

The dreaded gun show loophole

In a video message, Vice President Harris said the new rule would close the “gun show loophole,” which is a myth.

Most dealers at gun shows are federally licensed, and again, it is already illegal to sell to someone who is not permitted to own a firearm.

Harris also called for an “assault weapons” ban, universal background checks, and “red flag” laws.

However, Harris’ state of California has had all of those regulations in place for years.

California instituted an assault weapons ban in 1989, universal background checks in the early 1990s, and red flag laws in 2014.

But in 2021, California was the number one state for “active shooter incidents.”

The Biden administration added in a statement, “For the past 30 years, individuals who could not pass a background check sought out unlicensed sellers in order to evade the background check system. One investigation found that 1 in 9 people who respond to online ads from unlicensed sellers would fail a background check.”

Again, this is already illegal.

Democrats continue to stack gun control laws on top of each other in order to move the ball forward toward their ultimate goal of gun confiscation.

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