Joe Biden is sweating bullets after this tech platform’s major announcement

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Every day, Joe Biden and his allies seem to launch new measures to trounce individual liberties. 

But now, all their scheming could be about to go up in smoke.

And Joe Biden is sweating bullets after this tech platform’s major announcement. 

Rumble just made an announcement that could shake up the cloud services industry 

To many Americans, Joe Biden and his allies have earned a reputation for viewing the Constitution and everything it stands for, as a hurdle, instead of a legal foundation.

To sidestep American citizens’ Constitutional protections, authoritarians in government have turned to partnering with Big Tech.

Many Big Tech companies – often with the aid of an injection of taxpayer cash from Washington, D.C. bureaucrats and politicians – have invested heavily in “misinformation prevention” services, which have revealed themselves as glorified censorship schemes. 

There’s practically a revolving door between the government agencies where leftist government officials dream up the schemes and the Silicon Valley outfits that carry them out.

It’s all designed to blur the lines and give government officials the thinnest of threads to hang on and say it’s not them who’s actually committing the Constitutional violations.

Identifying and silencing conservatives and Donald Trump supporters has become a top priority for many large technology companies, alienating massive portions of the American public. 

With this in mind, Chris Pavlovski founded the social media platform Rumble in 2013, which aims to cultivate a forum where free speech can thrive. 

On Monday, Rumble announced the launch of a new cloud service called Rumble Cloud as a direct response to other Big Tech companies allegedly using censorship on their respective cloud platforms. 

Pavlovski spoke out about this new announcement to Fox News, explaining that he saw a major uptick in censorship after the January 6 protests and knew he had to do something in response. 

Per Pavlovski, “When we saw that happen, we took it upon ourselves to make sure that could never happen to a platform like Rumble.  After that moment, we realized that it was very important for us to … start owning our infrastructure, and start owning our own servers.”

He added, “We saw it as an existential threat to our business after what they did to Parler, that we needed to build our own cloud. And not only did we think that Rumble just needed it, but we felt like a large part of America wants something that inherits the same kind of values that they have.  We’re all about American values, and sticking with American principles.”

Former member of Congress Devin Nunes, who now serves as the CEO of the Trump Media and Technology Group, has since spoken out about the launch of Rumble Cloud, praising the platform for facilitating Free Speech. 

Per Nunes, “I think censorship is going to be getting much more intelligent.  What I think is going to happen is, as we get to a later stage here, as technology improves, is that things like artificial intelligence and just systems in general are going to get a lot smarter at deprioritizing and hiding people, which makes them feel like they’re still around, but they’re not banned.”

He added, “So it’s going to be a type of censorship that’s far more intelligent, but I believe it will be far more effective censorship for the people that want to censor. So I do think it’s going to get much worse because it’s going to get far more intelligent.”

Rumble’s new cloud service has found a way to work around Big Tech censors 

So-called “misinformation prevention” has become a top priority for large technology companies and lawmakers across the globe. 

This clever way of circumventing the freedom of speech has made some digital media platforms very difficult to use. 

Services such as Rumble Cloud could offer users a respite from censorship, allowing free speech to flourish despite a global war on so-called “misinformation.” 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.  

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