Joe Biden’s latest “cybersecurity” plan has Americans everywhere up in arms

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History has shown that giving the government more power is easy. 

However, taking back that power is almost always nearly impossible.

And Joe Biden’s latest “cybersecurity” plan has Americans everywhere up in arms. 

The Joe Biden White House just took a step closer to developing digital IDs.

Many Americans would agree that the United States federal government already has too much control over the American public. 

However, the Joe Biden administration does not seem to share this sentiment according to a recently released plan. 

More specifically, the Biden White House released its second version of the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan earlier this month.  

A key part of this plan involves “supporting the development of a digital ID ecosystem.”

According to the plan, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency under the Department of Commerce, will spearhead this effort.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the General Services Administration (GSA) were also listed as contributing agencies. 

In regards to developing digital IDs, the plan says, “The National Institute of Standards and Technology will advance research and guidance to continue supporting innovation in the digital identity ecosystem through public and private collaboration.”

It added, “This initiative may include: publishing digital identity guidelines, evaluating facial recognition and analysis technology, and publishing considerations for Attribute Validation Service.”

The plan then takes things a step further, adding, “The Federal Government will encourage and enable investments in strong, verifiable digital identity solutions that promote security, accessibility and interoperability, financial and social inclusion, consumer privacy, and economic growth.” 

Governments across the globe have similarly dumped astonishing sums into researching and ultimately developing digital IDs. 

Opponents of digital IDs fear that digital IDs give governments the power to track the every movement of civilians without warrants or due process. 

To add insult to injury, the recently released National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan also calls for the development of facial recognition technology. 

In totalitarian regimes such as China, the central government widely uses digital IDs and facial recognition technology to keep a very close eye on Chinese citizens. 

This lets the government monitor every purchase, movement, and social media post that Chinese people make, allowing the government to clamp down on dissent quickly and efficiently. 

Many Americans have concerns that the new National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan will set America on a glide path to implementing these sorts of dystopian programs. 

Joe Biden and his cronies in Washington will do anything to hold onto power.

The National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan suggests that Joe Biden and his allies do not plan to give up their power any time soon. 

In the plan, government agencies plan to research and develop programs that would severely hinder the personal liberties of Americans. 

In nations where these programs already exist, such as China and North Korea, civilians have little to no personal liberties. 

Many fear that allowing this framework to move forward could completely undermine everything America stands for. 

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