Major League Baseball just did something unthinkable to Jackie Robinson’s legacy

Columbus Metropolitan Library, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

“Woke” activists ruin just about everything.

And they have set their sights on professional sports.

Now Major League Baseball just did something unthinkable to Jackie Robinson’s legacy.

Hall of Fame Brooklyn Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson made history in 1947 when he broke the color barrier and became the first black player in Major League Baseball.

Prior to 1947, black players could only play in the Negro Leagues; Robinson played one year for the Kansas City Monarchs before playing with the Dodgers.

Other Negro League players like Satchel Paige went onto have successful MLB careers after Robinson opened the door.

But now Robinson and other players are having their legacies cheapened by a ridiculous gesture from “woke” activists.

New record books

Major League Baseball recently announced that statistics from the Negro Leagues would be incorporated into the MLB statistical canon.

That means that Josh Gibson, a legendy slugger in the Negro Leagues, is now officially the all-time batting average king over Ty Cobb.

While many leftists celebrated the move, others called it out for what it was.

Liberal sports writer Colin Fleming wrote in The Baltimore Sun, “At first blush, this sounds like a good thing, like MLB is righting a wrong. . .And there were undeniably players in those Negro Leagues who should count as among the greatest ever to stand in a batter’s box or take to the mound. But many of them were not; that’s the simple truth. And we don’t act in good faith by claiming otherwise in an effort to make others think favorably of us. Instead, we end up hurting those we wish to be seen as helping through such virtue signaling.”

“Cartooned” great

Fleming also added that Gibson was being “cartooned” by having stats in exhibition games being added to the official record book.

Fleming continued, “A Negro League star like Josh Gibson, in particular, or his legacy, anyway, is set up for ridicule now. Because of the ranking change, Gibson’s 800-something hits, which is all that MLB’s research can verify, now sits atop the leaderboard with the highest official career batting average in history, having supplanted Ty Cobb. He also has the highest single-season batting average, being credited — as a 33-year-old catcher, with all of that wear and tear — for hitting .466 in 157 at-bats in 1945. No one hits .466, except a kid in Little League. . .Josh Gibson is being cartooned. And that’s wrong.”

Leftists don’t make considerations like this.

They just trample over institutions that they care nothing about.

This move also opens the floodgates for statistics for other leagues to be included.

For example, Japanese legend Sadaharu Oh could be considered the all-time home run champ if records from professional Japanese leagues were included.

Fleming added that “Gibson was essentially killing himself by drinking — while putting up batting numbers Superman couldn’t touch. No one is going to buy that, and no one should.”

Major League Baseball made a huge mistake by giving into pressure from activists.

And these same activists can never be satisfied.

They simply move on to their next agenda.

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