Jay Leno just dropped a truth bomb on the “woke” mob

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Policing free speech has become a pillar of “woke” ideology. 

Many people fear the “woke” mob, often concealing jokes and opinions to avoid stirring up outrage from the Left. 

But Jay Leno just dropped a truth bomb on the “woke” mob. 

Jay Leno explains why he thinks comedy will survive “woke” insanity 

After working difficult jobs for meager pay, many Americans simply want to go home at the end of the day, crack open a beer, and watch something funny on their television. 

But, if you watch television or subscribe to any streaming services, then you may know just how “woke” the entertainment industry has become. 

Every now and then somebody dares to defy the radical “woke” mob, typically when it comes to comedy. 

However, in the case of comedians like Dave Chappelle and Shane Gillis, such defiance often leads to left-wing outrage and threats. 

Yet, these comedians consistently sit at the top of the rankings, dominating streaming platforms every time they release a new special. 

Earlier this week, comedy legend and former late-night host Jay Leno helped to explain why comedy has triumphed over “woke” suppression. 

In an interview with Fox News Digital, the former “Tonight Show” host said, “Comedy hasn’t changed. It’s exactly the same thing. It doesn’t change. Things come in and out.” 

“If I showed you a Rudolph Valentino movie from the ‘20s, you wouldn’t think it was sexy. You’d think, ‘Oh my God. … But if I showed you Buster Keaton falling off a building, it would be just as funny now as it was then. So, comedy doesn’t really change a whole lot,” the comedy legend told Fox News Digital. 

Leno specifically pointed to the recently released Roast of Tom Brady, claiming, “Again, if it’s really funny, all bets are off.”

He then further clarified his point with, “See, the trouble is only when it’s inappropriate and not funny. Then people [go], ‘Oh, now I’m offended! I’m offended because A. It’s not funny because it’s inappropriate.’ Then they’ll go, ‘It’s inappropriate, but it’s really funny!’”

Regardless of how much you like Jay Leno and his work, the man knows what he is talking about after working in the entertainment industry for nearly 50 years. 

The “woke” mob cannot destroy comedy no matter how hard they try 

Revising American culture and history in their own radical image has become a top priority for the “woke” mob. 

Yet, as Jay Leno pointed out in his interview with Fox News Digital, good comedy usually survives these sorts of cultural purges. 

Despite Leno’s optimism, the radical Left’s attempt to completely alter American culture presents many challenges to the future of America. 

Although some comedians have the guts to say what is on their minds, many fear retaliation from the Left. 

As a result, many people do not speak out and/or make a career in the entertainment industry, depriving society of some potentially great content. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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