Legendary Director Martin Scorsese is under fire for Christian project

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Hollywood claims to champion bold storytelling.

But the industry has a very clear line when it comes to certain topics.

And Legendary Director Martin Scorsese is under fire for Christian project.

Martin Scorsese has been one of the most influential filmmakers over the past five decades.

He has made films ranging from Goodfellas to Kundun about the Dalai Lama, which drew severe criticism from the Chinese Communist Party.

Now Scorsese is under fire for a project about Catholic saints airing on—gasp—Fox Nation.

The Saints

Martin Scorsese Presents: The Saints has stirred up controversy simply for its association with News Corp.

Scorsese announced, “I’ve lived with the stories of the saints for most of my life, thinking about their words and actions, imagining the worlds they inhabited, the choices they faced, the examples they set. These are stories of eight very different men and women, each of them living through vastly different periods of history and struggling to follow the way of love revealed to them and to us by Jesus’ words in the gospels. I’m so excited that this project is underway, and that I’m working with so many trusted and talented collaborators.”

A press release explained that the docuseries would cover “the remarkable stories of eight men and women who risked everything to embody humanity’s most noble and complex trait — faith.” 

The series will cover Joan of Arc, Francis of Assisi, John the Baptist, Thomas Becket, Mary Magdalene, Moses the Black, Sebastian, and Maximillian Kolbe.

The Left go mad

The freakout from the Left was immediate.

Left-wing film site IndieWire wrote a piece with the title, “Jesus. Martin Scorsese Is Doing a Show on Fox Nation. . .This fall, celebrate the saints with our greatest living filmmaker — and the Murdoch family.”

The outlet said it had “conflicting” feelings about The Saints.

The content of the series is irrelevant; the fact that it will be on Fox Nation is enough to dismiss it.

Left-wing rag The Daily Beast wrote a piece under the rubric “holy crap.”

Variety writer Joe Leydon simply tweeted, “Nope.”

This is effectively how the Left operate.

Anything that is coded as right-wing immediately gets dismissed, even if that is not the case.

But the Left have built up this mythology that anything associated with the Right is the worst thing ever and must be opposed at all costs.

The fact that Scorsese, with his impeccable Hollywood reputation, ultimately took the project to Fox Nation gives a hint at how the film industry feels about Christian stories.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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