Americans are in stitches after this network big wig makes a laughable move

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Many Americans would agree that the mainstream media has become practically unwatchable. 

It often feels like these outlet’s “news segments” are something right out of a satirical comedy sketch. 

And now Americans are in stitches after this network big wig makes a laughable move.

Americans took notice as this top NBC reporter just landed a new role

Many years ago, most Americans felt like they could trust the nightly news.

But for many Americans, these days have long since passed.  

As a result, corporate and mainstream media outlets have struggled to attract viewers, often relying on salacious anti-Trump hit pieces to court viewers.

Outlets like NBC News have dedicated overwhelming amounts of airtime to attacking Donald Trump and his supporters. 

NBC News even went as far as to name Ben Collins as the network’s top “disinformation reporter,” chiming in on any story that involves what the Left likes to call “disinformation.” 

Repeatedly, stories that the Left deemed as “disinformation” and “misinformation” were later revealed as true or valid opinions that stood in the way of the Left’s political agenda. 

However, in April, Collins announced that he will no longer work at NBC News. 

Instead, Collins has taken over as the CEO of the Onion, a once widely popular online satirical “news” outlet. 

In years past, the Onion produced a print version before switching to a digital version that landed in millions of email inboxes and social media feeds with ridiculous headlines. 

In 2012, for example, the Onion named North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un as the sexiest man alive. 

Viewership has declined in recent years, causing the Onion to make some major changes. 

Ben Collins’ takeover as CEO represents the Onion’s most significant change as of late.  

Following his hiring, Collins posted on X, saying, “NEWS: My friends and I now own and run The Onion. I’ll be the CEO.”

He added, “We’re keeping the entire staff, bringing back The Onion News Network, and share the wealth with staff.  Basically, we’re going to let them do whatever they want. Get excited.”

X users quickly pointed out the irony of Collins moving from NBC as a “disinformation reporter” to the CEO of the Onion. 

One user named Henry Jones Jr. replied, “At least now you don’t have to lie about what you’ve always been.”

Another user named Andrew Wagner replied, “You, the selectively outraged fake news guy, being the ceo of a fake news network is honestly perfection.”

Ben Collins’ move demonstrates the decline of network news

Over the last few decades, people have turned away from network news in favor of cable news stations or digital news stations. 

Many people feel as if they cannot trust network news due to its overwhelmingly liberal bias. 

As a result, ratings have plummeted, forcing outlets like NBC News to go to extreme lengths to build its viewership.  

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