The COVID regime is covering up disturbing details about the vaccine right as the new variant hits

Americans are approaching two years of COVID tyranny.

Now lockdowns and mandates are getting a frightening boost from the Omicron variant.

But the COVID regime is covering up disturbing details about the vaccine right as the new variant hits.

Joe Biden and public health officials are hellbent on forcing everyone to get the COVID vaccine.

It’s almost as if the Biden administration is pursuing the foolish policy of COVID Zero, which failed miserably in Australia.

Dr. Anthony Fauci isn’t helping matters by moving the goalposts on what vaccination rate constitutes herd immunity.

Now as the world is going mad over news of the Omicron variant, the FDA is trying to bury Pfizer’s data on adverse reactions to the vaccine.

There are over 300,000 pages of documents, and the FDA is attempting only to release 500 pages per month.

The first drop—which was forced due to a FOIA request—already raises serious questions.

Deaths, spontaneous abortions, and cardiac disorders were reported, but the COVID regime has told everyone that the vaccines are completely safe.

Again, that’s just in the first 500 pages.

Adverse effects may be rare, but people should at least have all the facts at their disposal.

Instead, any vaccine hesitancy—even among pregnant women—was met with scorn and derision from the COVID hysterics.

Former ESPN sideline reporter Allison Williams was forced out of the company for refusing to get the jab because she was planning to have a second child.

The COVID mafia chastised her for spreading “misinformation” about vaccine risks for pregnant women.

Williams had already had COVID and only experienced mild symptoms. It made zero sense for her to get the vaccine, especially with the unknown risks for babies.

The COVID regime oversold the vaccines.

They promised people they would end the pandemic, but in reality they are simply therapeutics that wear off.

Instead of coming clean, public officials and journalists are resorting to censorship and obfuscation to keep the forever-pandemic going.

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