Bill Maher just shocked Jerry Seinfeld by revealing one thing he will no longer do after 40 years

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Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Maher have been two of the biggest names in comedies over the past few decades. 

The two comedic masterminds also happen to be close friends. 

But now Maher just shocked the Seinfeld TV series star and co-creator after revealing the one thing the Real Time host is stopping after 40 years of doing it. 

Comedians standing up against the radical Left

Comedy and comedians, in particular, are great illustrators of how far the Left has moved to the extreme end of the spectrum. 

Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Maher are veteran stand-up comedians. 

They’re also both old-school liberals. 

But both have been turned off by the radicalization of the Left. 

While Maher has criticized what he’s called “the gay mafia” – both Maher and Seinfeld have been disillusioned with the Democrat Party’s opposition to free speech and use of the attacks against Israel to push their far-left agenda. 

To be sure, neither man would be considered a conservative Republican. 

But they both represent the growing number of liberals who are having a harder and harder time relating to the modern-day Left. 

And recently, the two chums got together for a conversation on Maher’s Club Random podcast. 

Bill Maher says he’s retiring 

During his conversation with comedic legend Jerry Seinfeld on his Club Random podcast, Bill Maher dropped a major bombshell neither Seinfeld nor Maher’s fans saw coming. 

The former host of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and current host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher is putting an end to his stand-up comedy career.

Maher announced he will stop performing stand-up following his 13th and final comedy special for HBO. 

“After this year, I’m gonna stop doing [stand-up comedy],” Maher said to a stunned Seinfeld. “I put a lot of time and effort into it because as you know, stand-up is like playing the cello, You can’t just walk up there, you have to stay in practice, and I do and I’ve always loved [stand-up] and I’m always working on it. But I have a show.”

Seinfeld admired Maher’s work ethic

“I don’t know how you kept it up during the show, or frankly why,” Seinfeld said.

“Because they fed each other, first of all – it was so great, Maher responded. “And also because I love it . . . the show is great, but there’s constrictions there. But if I don’t have to practice the cello eight hours a day, I might wanna do some of these (podcasts) live.”

When Maher noticed his friend’s reaction to the news, he suggested Seinfeld must think he’s crazy for stopping stand-up after more than four decades in the business. 

“It’s not crazy,” Seinfeld responded. “I think perhaps for you, whatever feels right for you feels right.” 

Seinfeld, for his part, has kept his entertainment options fairly limited since ending his hit show back in 1998. 

But he’s continued to perform stand-up consistently. 

And Maher believes there’s a chance he could be called back to the stage. 

“After 40 years that’s why I don’t want to make an announcement. ‘This is my final…’ I might change my mind. It might be like cutting off a limb, and I have to go back to it,” Maher said.

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