This ex-Biden official’s big comeback announcement ended in instant humiliation

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Joe Biden has littered his administration with radicals.

Even some people on the left have acknowledged he has gone too far.

And this ex-Biden official’s big comeback announcement ended in instant humiliation.

Scary Poppins is back:  former Biden official Nina Jankowicz made an awful accusation

The political establishment is deeply concerned about having monopoly control on the narrative.

That’s why combating so-called disinformation has become a booming industry.

Joe Biden created the Disinformation Governance Board under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security.

Nina Jankowicz was named the head of the Orwellian DGB, which was purportedly created to help coordinate information against Mexican drug cartels.

How she got her nickname

However, nobody bought the cover story for the DGB, as it was mocked as the Ministry of Truth from 1984.

The project was shuttered, but these disinformation “crusaders” never quit.

Now, Jankowicz is back with a new organization called the American Sunlight Project, borrowing from the old saw that “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

However, the American Sunlight Project’s donors have been kept hidden, so disinformation transparency only goes so far.

Jankowicz wrote a letter under the banner of the American Sunlight Project to Congressional Republicans claiming that the GOP was cracking down on disinformation researchers.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and other Republicans have been wary of disinformation watchdog claims, and for good reason.

Accusations of sexism

These groups have been used to create a pretext for censorship.

But Jankowicz tried to frame scrutiny of these groups as sexist.

In her letter to House Republicans, Jankowicz wrote, “The vast majority of the researchers you have targeted publicly are women, and they have faced gendered, sexualized, violent rhetoric as a result of your actions. These attacks amount to intimidation that has made it extremely risky for American citizens to exercise their own basic right to freedom of expression.”

Jankowicz is falling back on the common leftist tactic of portraying herself as a victim.

Libertarian Commentator Robby Soave noted that in Jankowicz’s letter, she provided several footnotes but did not include any footnotes for her claim of sexist targeting of women.

Soave wrote in Reason that even though “the letter contains 10 footnotes, not a single one of them attempts to quantify the claim that female researchers are being criticized disproportionately.”

Legacy institutions are motivated to curb the reach of new information outlets behind the pretense of fighting disinformation.

That’s why Jankowicz has received glowing spreads in The New York Times and The Washington Post.

The Times reported that “Ms. Jankowicz said her group would run advertisements about the broad threats and effects of disinformation and produce investigative reports on the backgrounds and financing of groups conducting disinformation campaigns — including those targeting the researchers.”

Sounds like threats

More people have caught onto the tactics of the Censorship Industrial Complex.

So now, the establishment is fighting back, using what sounds like threats to try to pressure investigators, exposing them to back off.

The Times added that the American Sunlight Project’s budget “pales in comparison with those behind the counteroffensive like America First Legal, the Trump-aligned group that, with a war chest in the tens of millions of dollars, has sued researchers at Stanford and the University of Washington over their collaboration with government officials to combat misinformation about voting and Covid-19.”

What The New York Times left out is that there are hundreds of “disinformation” research organizations with cumulative budgets that dwarf America First Legal.

It’s laughable that The Times is attempting to portray the American Sunlight Project and similar groups as the little engine that could.

The people in power need a justification for censorship, and they have settled on fighting disinformation.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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