Tom Brady’s jaw dropped to the floor after Dana White broke these cardinal rules of PC culture

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Tom Brady and Dana White are two men with legions of fans and possibly even more haters. 

But like them or hate them, there is no denying both men changed their respective sports – and neither man has much tolerance for the woke outrage mob. 

And now Brady’s jaw dropped to the floor after White broke these cardinal rules of the Thought Police. 

Netflix hosts The Roast of Tom Brady

Netflix is trying to brand itself as the new home of stand-up comedy. 

From Amy Schumer to Ricky Gervais, Netflix has hosted comedic specials for comics from across the spectrum. 

Netflix executives even stood by Dave Chappelle when woke workers threatened to walk out of the comedian telling some jokes about the trans population. 

The streaming giant has even launched its own comedy festival. 

The Netflix Is a Joke festival kicked off May 2 and was scheduled to run through May 12, with some of the content from the festival airing on the subscription platform. 

One of the specials fans of comedy can enjoy is the roast of NFL legend Tom Brady. 

The roast was hosted by Kevin Hart and is currently available to stream. 

And while big-name comics were on hand to crack jokes at the seven-time Super Bowl champion’s expense – it was UFC CEO Dana White who stole the show. 

Dana White’s 90-second cameo goes viral

Netflix’ The Roast of Tom Brady originally aired live from a venue in Los Angeles. 

White made the trip from Las Vegas to LA for the occasion – but he wasn’t pleased when Netflix informed the man who runs the Ultimate Fighting Championship would only be making a cameo appearance. 

And as you can see in the above video, White wasn’t afraid to voice his frustration. 

“It pisses me off that I flew all the way out here, and you guys give me 60 seconds,” White started. “My name is Dana. Is that not trans enough for you liberal f**ks?”

Netflix has an entire category of movies and shows catering to the LGBTQQAI2+ community. 

But neither that nor the ever-present threat of the cancel culture mob stopped White from using what turned out to be 90-second to make multiple gay jokes – a big “no no” that surely had self-proclaimed social justice warriors rushing to get out ‘I’m shaking’  updates on their Instagram stories.

“Tom, you played for the Patriots for so long that I was actually starting to feel like you were from Boston,” White continued. “Then I saw you run, and I was like, no, he’s definitely from San Francisco.” 

That line got a big belly laugh out of host Kevin Hart. 

“You led the league for 20-years in passing . . . as a straight guy,” White followed up. 

Next, White took aim at Brady’s friendship with alternative medicine infomercial star Alex Guerrero. 

“Tom, you would have been a great fighter,” White joked. “You would have been the master at the ‘ground and pound.’ That’s what you call ‘coffee dates’ with your boyfriend Alex Guerrero.” 

And ensuring he triggered as much of the radical Left as possible, White finished off with a fat joke that will send the so-called “body positivity” crowd rushing to their nearest fast-food chain to cope. 

“One more thing, you people probably don’t know this, but Jeff Ross was very interested in the UFC,” White said of the man known as the “roast master” in the comedy community. “He thought it meant, ‘Unlimited Fried Chicken.’”

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