CEO just blew up his company by making one statement about “woke” campus protests

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American universities have become infested with radical leftism.

Millions of people are finally witnessing it firsthand.

And one CEO just blew up his company by making one statement about “woke” campus protests.

The horrific war in Gaza has created serious political ramifications in America.

The Democrat Party’s coalition is fracturing, as the far-left radicals are demanding Joe Biden call for a ceasefire in the conflict.

The protests, which have reportedly been funded and organized by outside political groups, have descended into lawlessness with some students getting arrested.

Many CEOs said that they would not hire radical protesters from these elite universities, but one went in the exact opposite direction.

Calling all radicals

Palestinian-American CEO Andrew Dudum of Hims & Hers, an online sexual health and pharmaceutical company, said that he was looking to hire protesters.

Dudum wrote on Twitter, “Moral courage > College degree. . .If you’re currently protesting against the genocide of the Palestinian people & for your university’s divestment from Israel, keep going. It’s working.”

Dudum supposedly has family in Gaza and the West Bank.

He added, “There are plenty of companies & CEOs eager to hire you, regardless of university discipline,” then added a link where people could apply.

In reaction to Dudum’s statement, the company’s stock price dropped 8%, which represented a loss of $210 million.

That triggered a walk-back from Dudum.

What I meant to say was . . . 

He clarified his response by writing, “The last few days have been a disheartening reflection of just how divisive a time we live in.”

Dudum also claimed that his words were “misconstrued by some.”

He added that each protesting student “deserves to feel safe without fear of harm or being targeted for who they are. I am deeply saddened that my support for peaceful protest has been interpreted by some as encouraging violence, intimidation, or bigotry of any kind.”

Dudum also claimed that he was standing for the right of students to “use their voices in peaceful protest to drive change. This right is critical to our democracy and must be protected.”

Other prominent businessmen heavily criticized Dudum’s decision.

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary said on Fox Business, “I would have fired this individual seconds after he made those remarks. . .Be gone. Because who are you serving by saying that? You know you’re in a highly polarized situation. Fifty percent of your market does not agree with your view – we know that’s the case. People are very polarized by this war, as they are in every war.”

O’Leary is correct that it’s bad business to alienate half of the market in such a politically charged time.

He added, “You can have an opinion, just like I can or everybody else can. But it is not your business to polarize everybody on your stack of shareholders and customers and employees. . .If you can’t figure this out as a CEO, your board should fire you right now. And if you were working for me, you’d be whacked in seconds, seconds. You’d be history.”

Politics have seeped into all avenues of American life, so it’s no surprise that a CEO would risk destroying his business over the war in Gaza.

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