Billionaire investor Bill Ackman accused the Democrats of making one huge mistake with Biden

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Joe Biden is losing major support.

Even big-money donors are concerned.

And Billionaire investor Bill Ackman accused the Democrats of making one huge mistake with Biden.

Donald Trump continues to lead Joe Biden in the polls, including the key battleground states.

Democrats and their media allies believed that demonizing Trump in the papers on a daily basis was good enough to keep him from ever being a threat again.

But with Trump well-positioned to win a second term, Democrats are hitting the panic button.

Big money talks

Left-of-center billionaire investor Bill Ackman said that the Democrats made a huge mistake by running Biden again in 2024.

Ackman wrote on Twitter, “The biggest mistake Democrats have made is supporting [President] Biden for a second term. By supporting Biden, they have given him false confidence that he can win the race. As a result, he did not step aside and allow better and younger candidates to emerge.”

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they have an incredibly weak bench.

They tried to turn “Mayor” Pete Buttigieg into a rising star, but his presidential bid fell flat in 2020.

Ackman continued, “Now as polls increasingly indicate that [Trump] will win by a large margin, it is likely too late for an alternative Democrat to emerge. And I suspect the polls understate Trump’s margin as I believe many are not willing to admit that they intend to vote for Trump. Handing the election to Trump will be Biden’s legacy.”

Other Democrats have made similar arguments.

Some were noncommittal about endorsing Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris earlier in the election cycle, and others flat-out called for Biden to step aside.

Washington Post reporter David Ignatius flatly said that Biden and Harris should not run again in 2024.

“Woke” takeover

As for Ackman, he has been forced to face the reality of the “woke” radicalism within the Democrat Party.

That truth has become undeniable as major universities have descended into chaos, and neo-Marxist concepts like DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) have been exposed as fraudulent.

Harvard, Ackman’s alma mater, has been used as a punching bag in recent culture war battles for its insistence on pushing far-left nonsense.

In September 2023, Ackman wrote to former Harvard President Claudine Gay, who was embroiled in a plagiarism scandal, “One senior member of the faculty shared that it is made abundantly clear that they cannot hire new faculty members unless they meet ODEIB requirements. That is, the candidate has to be a woman, person of color, or have LGBTQ+ status.”

That has become standard operating procedure in virtually any institution controlled by the Left.

Ackman continued, “A number of the faculty bemoaned that in many cases they cannot hire the substantially more qualified person if he is a white or Asian straight male as the proposed candidate ‘has to be a woman or BIPOC person.’  I was told that behind closed doors, it is common to hear: ‘I clearly don’t think this is the strongest candidate, but we can see where the train is headed. I therefore have no choice but to vote for the [lesser-qualified candidate.]’”

The Left has systemic problems that they refuse to address.

It could cost them dearly in the 2024 election.

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