Joe Biden and his pals just woke up to this devastating legal news

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Joe Biden and his allies will do anything to hold onto power. 

Even if this means deceiving the American public and trouncing the United States Constitution. 

And Joe Biden and his pals just woke up to this devastating legal news. 

Multiple investigations and lawsuits have uncovered a vast number of instances in which the Biden administration attempted to censor the American public. 

These alleged censorship attempts stem from the Biden administration’s so-called “misinformation prevention” programs. 

Such programs have become increasingly common across the Western world, costing taxpayers billions. 

The Global Engagement Center (GEC), an agency under the umbrella of the United States State Department, sits at the center of many of these allegations. 

More specifically, the GEC has funded organizations such as NewsGuard and the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), which have placed several American news outlets on their “Dynamic Exclusion List.” 

This list includes popular right-leaning or moderate news sources like The Daily Wire, The Federalist, NewsMax, The American Spectator, RealClearPolitics, The New York Post, and The American Conservative

As a result, state department officials allegedly tagged articles and journalists from these sources as “disinformation or Misinformation.” 

These websites, which rely heavily on advertising revenue, lost sponsors due to these damaging government-issued labels. 

You better believe that these popular and reputable news sources did not take these attacks lightly. 

In December of 2023, Daily Wire, the Federalist, and the State of Texas filed a federal lawsuit against the Biden administration. 

The lawsuit claims that these sorts of “misinformation prevention” tactics violated the First Amendment freedom of the press and freedom of speech. 

Predictably, the Biden administration has fought back tooth and nail, filing motions to dismiss the case and to move the case from Texas to Washington, D.C. 

Last Tuesday, United States District Judge Jeremy Kernodle shot down these two motions from the Biden administration. 

In his decision, Kernodle wrote, “State Department Defendants’ active intervention in the news media market to make disfavored media unprofitable thus had devastating consequences to Media Plaintiffs.”

He added, “State Department disinformation tools were developed…as tools of warfare…in the context of national security…. [They were] misdirected to be used at home against domestic political opponents.”

As Kernodle notes, many of these “misinformation prevention” programs were approved under the pretenses of protecting Americans from foreign media threats. 

It did not take long for the government to turn its sights on the American public, allegedly targeting anything or anyone that stood in the way of the Biden administration.

The Biden administration has some serious explaining to do

If these allegations against the State Department are true, then it could represent one of the federal government’s most deliberate and significant efforts to circumvent the First Amendment. 

This lawsuit comes in the wake of the highly watched Murthy v Missouri case, which accuses the federal government of working with outside entities to silence Americans online. 

These cases could permanently alter how much leeway the government has when it comes to “misinformation” prevention, something that Joe Biden and his allies have invested heavily in. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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