This White House reporter got a brutal reality check and what happened next will leave you speechless

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It’s no secret that many of the Washington, D.C. elites despise Donald Trump and his supporters.

The last few years have led to some rude awakenings.

But this White House reporter got a brutal reality check and what happened next will leave you speechless.

An ex-CNN reporter just said what many elite leftists think about Trump supporters in one insane rant

Former CNN White House correspondent Michelle Kosinski just let everyone know how much disdain she has for Donald Trump supporters.

And she is not alone.

Many Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans have seething rage toward anyone who would vote for Trump.

Kosinski wrote a long Twitter thread about “closeted” Trump supporters she encountered at a dinner.

Secret Trumpers, oh my!

She began, “A few weeks ago, I had dinner with a few couples, friends of friends, all American. All were well-educated and successful in careers. They seemed great! On the surface. For like an hour. But slowly, over a few drinks, they began to let slip their true MAGA natures.”

She was shocked that friendly, well-educated people could be Trump supporters, as if anyone who voted for Trump lives underground like a Morlock from The Time Machine.

Kosinski continued, “One of the couples each attended top ivy league colleges. But now that it was university time for their own kids, they were adamantly NOT letting them apply to any ivies. And were weird about explaining why. Though the kids were double legacies.”

Considering how insane colleges have become, it’s easy to see why parents might not want to spend $70,000 per year for their kids to become far-left zombies.

Next, Kosinski said that the “crew suddenly busted out with air quotes when mentioning climate change. Again, these are otherwise smart people. Not scientists, clearly. But educated. And the dude took seething umbrage when my friend mentioned the damage Trump had done and vowed to continue to do.”

The Left has conflated climate change with climate alarmism, which are not the same thing.

Radical environmentalists have been predicting doom for decades, and their predictions are always wrong.

Kosinski added, “The others—when they realized that a few in their presence came armed with (gasp) actual facts (NO!)—quickly changed the subject and nervously said they don’t want to talk politics. They realized they would be eviscerated on all idiotic points, especially on the economy.”

This part of the story is so ridiculous that it almost suggests the entire story is fake.

Hardcore Biden voters are not eviscerating anyone on the topic of the economy.


She continued, “As it went on, my friends and I realized we were surrounded by otherwise carefully closeted MAGAts. It’s funny how the extremist or just wrong beliefs can’t help but leak out, even when you least expect them, and from people you least expect. They are out there.”

A journalist who has worked for major news outlets just called half the electorate “MAGAts.”

The Left has zero credibility when they talk about dehumanizing language.

Kosinski continued, “This dinner continues to haunt me. They all seemed so. . .normal. When I asked the couple who were my old friends how THEY didn’t know, they said that in their upscale FL neighborhood, people are extremely careful not to ever broach or debate the subject. This is not healthy.”

She was “haunted” because the “normal” and well-educated people had a different political perspective.

“If people don’t ever talk about these things as friends and neighbors, and only live in their own warped information silos, how will they ever learn what is true or false? How will the truth ever make them consider alternatives? The allure of bulls*** is co-opting decent minds,” Kosinski concluded.

Kosinski said that it’s “not healthy” for people to hide their political views and live in “information silos.” 

It’s hard to disagree with that.

Yet she calls people who disagree with her “MAGAts.”

Such lack of self-awareness is truly astonishing.

After a deluge of backlash, Kosinski limited views on her Twitter page.

But she is likely less of an outlier than she is a perfect avatar of many Democrats in the Washington, D.C. corridor or on the west coast.

Meanwhile, the typical Republican voter simply thinks that most Democrats are simply misguided, but few have a real idea how much some on the Left actually despise them.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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