Jen Psaki just got caught admitting to a huge Biden failure she tried to pin on Trump

Since day one of the Biden Presidency, Joe Biden’ top mouthpiece Jen Psaki has blamed former President Donald Trump for all of Biden’s shortcomings. 

From inflation, to crime, to COVID and more – according to the Biden administration, it’s all been Donald Trump’s fault. 

But Jen Psaki just got caught admitting to a huge Biden failure she tried to pin on Trump.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki just made a big booboo. 

In an interview with CNN anchor John Berman, Psaki admitted the latest Russia attack on Ukraine happened with Joe Biden as President and not Trump. 

She then goes a step further, admitting the last time it happened, 2014, Biden was also in the White House – that time as Barack Obama’s Vice President. 

If a Conservative said this, it’s not hard to imagine Biden and the Democrats’ Big Tech pals banning them from social media for over violating their so-called “misinformation” policies.

But it’s a fact.

Even with such an admissions from the White House Press Secretary herself though, it’s still not hard to see it happening given all the left-wing virtue signaling and so-called “fact checking” the country faces these days.

Nevertheless, there is no way around the fact Psaki said it or that she is indirectly admitting Putin was more fearful of Trump than her boss.

In a roundabout way, Berman hinted to the White House’s top spokeswoman that it seems like Russian Premier Vladimir Putin is almost targeting Joe Biden. 

And that’s when Psaki stepped in it. 

“It’s not just frustrating, it’s upsetting, it’s horrifying,” Psaki answered. “You know, I was at the State Department. The president was the vice president the last time Russia invaded Ukraine. This is a pattern of horror from President Putin and from the cronies around him. So, it’s more than frustrating. It’s upsetting and it’s disgusting as we’re watching what happens here on the ground.

Putin attacked Ukraine while Barack Obama was President and tough-guy Joe Biden was Vice President. 

Russia did not attack anyone during Donald Trump’s four years as President. 

And then, just over a year after Joe Biden takes the reins as the Commander-in-Chief, Putin goes on an all-out attack on Ukraine, again. 

Indirectly, Psaki just said the same thing Trump has been saying all along. 

“Under our administration Russia respected America just like every other country respected America, but now Joe Biden is seen as weak,” Trump said during his keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “As everyone understands, this horrific disaster would never have happened if our election was not rigged and if I was the president.”

While Psaki finds Putin’s targeting of Biden “frustrating,” Trump uses a different phrase to describe it. 

“Putin is playing Biden like a drum and it’s not a pretty thing,” Trump said. 

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