You won’t believe what real estate sites are censoring in the name of wokeness

Buying a home is harder than ever in the red hot housing market.

Technology was supposed to make life easier for buyers.

And you won’t believe what real estate sites are censoring in the name of wokeness.

The housing market is tighter than ever with demand driving prices through the roof.

Like everything else in the digital age home buyers are turning to the internet to help their search.

Now potential buyers have another headache to deal with thanks to a woke move from two major real estate search engines. and Redfin have decided against including neighbor crime data on their sites.

David Doctrow, CEO of said removing crime data was part of an initiative in partnership with fair housing advocates.

The company was rethinking having crime data on the website as part of an attempt to “level the real estate playing field for all.”

Doctrow said, “The ability to afford and own a home can be unjustly limited by one’s race, ethnicity, or other personal characteristics.”

By removing crime data this broke down a hurdle for minority home buyers.

Redfin decided not to add crime data to their site with an even more absurd explanation.

Crime data doesn’t accurately reflect safety and because of, “The long history of redlining and racist housing covenants in the United States there’s too great a risk of this inaccuracy reinforcing racial bias.”

Redfin said, “There’s real variety in how people define and evaluate safety, and that it doesn’t line up very well with purely crime-based data.”

They concluded by saying that the commonly used FBI crime statistics create racial bias.

This is yet another victim of the diversity, equity and inclusion industry engulfing corporate America pushing companies to take up social justice causes at the expense of sanity.

Fortunately for home buyers other real estate sites haven’t scrubbed crime data yet.

Technology was supposed to make people’s lives easier but with wokeness running amok it’s calling that into question.

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