You won’t believe the major connections Kamala Harris and Democrats are tapping to get your kids to cancel you

Democrats are no longer hiding the attempts they make to brainwash the younger generation.

Parents across the country have woken up to the radical leftist curriculum being shoved at their children in government schools.

But you won’t believe the major connections Kamala Harris and Democrats are tapping to get your kids to cancel you.

Kamala Harris was widely mocked for her ridiculous attempt to gain your children’s attention via YouTube Originals Kids & Family program called “Get Curious with Vice President Harris.”

Harris talked NASA into the premier but it was a total bust.

Harris’ inability to truly relate to children was glaringly obvious and the fact that child actors were hired for the piece didn’t sit well with most parents.

While Harris’ performance was far from Oscar-worthy, something else smacked American parents in the face about the episode.

Many realized for the first time just how tied in YouTube is with the Democrat Party and are worried what leftist propaganda their children are being exposed to via YouTube Originals’ Kids & Family programs.

The last few years have shown the American people how much Big Tech bows to the Left, but now YouTube is proving it really is a propaganda machine.

YouTube continues to censor videos they say contain misinformation.

However, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that this supposed “misinformation” is always something that leans Right or provides a viewpoint that doesn’t line up with the current administration.

So, it seems only natural that once you censor your opposition, you then start streaming information from those “experts” you want kids to hear about, like Kamala Harris.

Michelle Malkin says parents need to be very careful about allowing “their children to be exposed to GooTube’s commie-style programming masquerading as education entertainment.”

According to Malkin, the creative and executive producer for YouTube originals is a veteran Obama-Biden operative, consultant on the Biden-Harris administration’s education campaign, and close former aide of Michelle Obama.

These are the people creating content for your children.

No bias there, right?

Again, the Left is no longer hiding attempts to brainwash people and silence those who disagree.

The scary part, however, is they are targeting the most vulnerable in our society.

So far they seem to be winning and it may not be long until Americans are being canceled en masse by their own kids.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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