Wikipedia could be under assault from one American adversary they never saw coming

The next major war could be fought with information.

That’s why Big Tech has become so important.

And Wikipedia could be under assault from one American adversary they never saw coming.

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia was allegedly under attack by the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese editors attempted to edit information in order to make it favorable to the CCP.

Considering so many people put faith in Wikipedia, it’s disturbing how reality can be shaped by propagandistic edits.

BBC News reports:

Wikipedia has suffered an “infiltration” that sought to advance the aims of China, the US non-profit organisation that owns the volunteer-edited encyclopaedia has said. The Wikimedia Foundation told BBC News the infiltration had threatened the “very foundations of Wikipedia.”

The foundation banned seven editors linked to a mainland China group.

Domestically, conservatives have often been the target of editorial smears.

When a “controversial” conservative politician or pundit has a Wikipedia page, it is often littered with libelous material.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe contemplated suing Wikipedia over the blatant falsehoods on his page.

Wikipedia links to articles, which sometimes link to other articles in order to validate their claims.

When the game of telephone is investigated, the original source material might be based on opinion, not facts or quotes.

But because the claims are “sourced” two and three articles deep, they’re given the air of credulity.

The BBC continued:

In this case, the infiltrators had tried to promote “the aims of China, as interpreted through whatever filters they may bring to bear”, Ms Dennis told BBC News.

“Controlling content was an aim,” she said.

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger, who has since left the organization, says the site is deeply biased toward the Left.

That’s because ideologues who edit the site infuse their bias.

And the site could just as easily be biased toward China, especially with a handful of highly motivated infiltrators.

The BBC added:

However, “long and deep investigations” into Wikimedians of Mainland China, a group claiming to have about 300 members, had resulted in the banning of seven users and the removal of administrator privileges from a further 12, Wikipedia said.

And there had been concern elections for powerful administrator roles were being manipulated and the process of editing risked being overwhelmed.

China is intent on becoming the world’s preeminent superpower, and propaganda is one of their most effective tools.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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