What the ACLU said about masks in schools is coming back to bite them

Schools across the country have started welcoming students back to class.

As the new school year begins, it brings with it many angry parents who have had enough of the authoritarian COVID regulations and “woke” curriculum school boards are putting in place.

And many school districts are forgetting that political speech on public school grounds is protected.

School board meetings have become national news.

Parents and students are challenging liberal board members on everything from mask requirements to vaccine mandates and racist so-called “Critical Race Theory” curriculum.

Protests are happening outside elementary schools, and students are flooding many school administration offices with mask exemption requests.

These are all ways that parents and students can fight back against these liberal regulations, but there is another way that some seem to be forgetting about: a students’ right to free speech in a public school.

Mask-wearing has become a political ideology.

Many wear them to show they support the government’s tyrannical mask mandates.

On the flip side, many won’t wear a mask because it expresses a political ideology they oppose.

At this point in the pandemic, wearing or not wearing a mask has become the same as vocally expressing your political beliefs.

It is an expression of what you believe or, in this case, who you believe – the government or the data.

Given what the mask-wearing debate has become, one would be on very shaky ground to try and suspend a student who declines a mask for political reasons.

According to the ultra-left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):

Schools can’t discriminate based on the viewpoint expressed by your clothing. The Supreme Court has recognized that public school students do not ‘shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.’ The First Amendment prohibits schools from picking and choosing which views students are allowed to express. All views have to be treated equally, so long as they are not obscene or disruptive. This means that if a school permits items like t-shirts with slogans, buttons, or wristbands, it has to permit them no matter what message they express.

The ACLU says it right there in its own statement, “the First Amendment prohibits schools from picking and choosing which views students are allowed to express.”

If a student believes mask-wearing is a liberal ideology that they do not align with and therefore won’t wear a mask, the school has no right to challenge them.

Once masks became a political statement, many institutions lost the right to mandate them.

The fight has now become about government censorship of free speech and individual liberties.

Another way to argue against students wearing masks is if they say wearing masks doesn’t make them feel “secure in their person.”

Students are winning cases across the country that allow them to choose their gender because they’re “uncomfortable” in their current gender.

So, if a student can change their gender because they’re uncomfortable – then one has to imagine a student who feels their personality is being stifled by a face covering must also have the right to do what makes them “comfortable.”

The ACLU posted an excerpt from the 1972 McNew case, which stated that students have a ‘right to wear their hair as they wish as an aspect of the right to be secure in one’s person guaranteed by the due process clause.’

If a student isn’t secure in their “person” while wearing a mask, then according to the ACLU and precedent set by previous court cases, they should not have to wear one.

The Left’s arguments are beginning to blow up, and it’s because this was never about keeping anyone safe – it was about power and control.

More students need to be educated on their rights and supported for making decisions that go against the grain.

The indoctrination of America’s youth is getting worse by the minute.

If something doesn’t change soon, an entire generation will grow up never knowing what individual liberty is or to fight back against tyranny.

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