Tucker Carlson’s lawyer put a shot across Fox News bow as new claim reveals why Fox canceled his show

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Fox News is in freefall.

The network crashed its ratings by getting rid of Tucker Carlson.

And Tucker Carlson’s lawyer put a shot across Fox News bow as new claim reveals why Fox canceled his show.

Carlson was pulled off the air for a reason that will leave you speechless

Many have speculated as to why Tucker Carlson was axed by Fox News despite having the highest rated show on cable television.

Some have argued it was a pro-Christianity speech he gave at the Heritage Foundation days before his ouster.

Others said it was because of private text messages he sent.

But Carlson and his lawyer reportedly believe that Fox News’s settlement with Dominion Voting Systems may have played a role.

Fox paid Dominion $787.5 million, a record-high settlement for a media company in a defamation suit.

However, of all the primetime hosts, Carlson was the most vocal in pushing back against the claims made by Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani.

Report says Tucker was told the Dominion settlement was behind his ouster

So it was strange that Carlson would have been the fall guy.

Axios reported that “Carlson was told by a member of the Fox board that he was taken off the air as part of the Dominion settlement, two sources briefed on a conversation told Axios. According to a source familiar with Carlson’s position, his lawyers believe that the misrepresentations alleged by Carlson amount to a breach of contract because they created additional terms of Carlson’s employment that were then broken by the company.”

Because Carlson has not been officially fired by Fox News, he is eager to get out of his contract so he can go elsewhere and speak his voice.

Fox News has been slow-walking negotiations in an attempt to lock in Carlson, perhaps muzzling him through the 2024 election cycle until his contract ends in January 2025.

Carlson’s lawyer, high-powered media lawyer Bryan Freedman, wrote in a letter to Fox News, “These actions not only breached the covenant of good faith and fair dealing in the Agreement, but give rise to claims for breach of contract, and intentional and negligent misrepresentation.”

Dominion claims that the company did not call for Carlson to be fired.

Dominion attorney Stephen Shackelford, an outside attorney for Dominion, told Axios, “Dominion did not insist on them firing Tucker Carlson as part of the settlement.”

A Fox News spokesperson also called the insinuation “categorically false.”

However, the timing is certainly peculiar.

Regardless, Fox News’s attempts to silence Carlson are not going over well.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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