Tucker Carlson put a torch light on Biden’s surveillance schemes in the midst of Canadian and Ukrainian unrest

Joe Biden is using the federal government to target his opponents.

And any doubts he and the Democrats were out to get Trump supporters just vanished.

Because Tucker Carlson put a torch light on Biden’s surveillance schemes in the midst of Canadian and Ukrainian unrest.

Joe Biden and the Democrats will label opponents as “domestic terrorists” for opposing COVID limits, supporting Trump, or simply participating in their children’s education.

His Justice Department called concerned parents attending school board meetings “terrorists.”

And now, the Biden Justice Department is targeting Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert.

Gohmert accused them of rifling through a Christian missionary’s letter that was addressed to Gohmert, saying he received the letter marked “DOJ MAILROOM” and x-rayed.

This was followed by another four-and-a-half month delay from a constituent in September 2021.

Gohmert slammed the DOJ in a statement, saying, “It is deeply concerning that Legislative Branch mail is somehow being co-mingled with Executive Branch mail when we have completely different proprietary zip codes. We are separate but co-equal branches of government. Even if it were a mistake to deliver Congress’ mail to the DOJ, the DOJ has an obligation to immediately notify Congress and forward the mail without opening it.”

“It is gravely concerning that since Congressional mail is constitutionally protected under the Speech and Debate Clause of the Constitution, it could be routed, intentionally or not, through the highly partisan DOJ. This is felonious behavior,” the Congressman remarked.

He concluded by putting the Biden regime on notice by saying, “The Supreme Court has made it clear that the Department of Justice cannot even use a search warrant to search a Representative’s mail and office. We want answers to this outrage, not excuses.”

Tucker Carlson slammed the Biden DOJ move, saying the Biden regime’s renegade DOJ “should be severely punished.”

“We fervently hope they will be,” the Fox News host added.

The DOJ refused to react to Carlson.

Gohmert is a close Trump ally and a House Conservative leader.

His mail was inspected without reason, making him the latest pro-Trump Congressman to be targeted.

Capitol Police visited Gohmert’s fellow Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls’ office and photographed private legislative information.

They later decoyed construction workers to interview Nehl’s personnel.

Nancy Pelosi has been using the Capitol Police as her secret police, and now the Biden DOJ appears to be joining in.

Nothing seems off limits to Democrats and their Deep State pals anxious for more power – not even a massive CIA surveillance program on millions of American citizens, that The Wall Street Journal recently revealed, not spying on a sitting President as the Durham probe shows the Clinton campaign did.

It’s telling that all this is coming out about the Democrats and their Deep State pals in the midst of trumped Canadian “emergency” crackdowns on speech and manufactured Ukrainian unrest.


Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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