Tucker Carlson laid down a serious confession about things that can “be disappeared”

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America’s system of government—based on individual freedom—is unraveling fast.

Increasingly, Americans are finding themselves at the mercy of a handful of power brokers.

And Tucker Carlson laid down a serious confession about things that can “be disappeared.”

Shortly after what would become his final Fox News show aired, Tucker Carlson gave a fiery—and dangerously honest—speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

After shredding both the media industry and political establishment, Carlson sat down for a question and answer session where he issued a warning to every American.

Referencing an Elon Musk quip that “the most likely outcome is the most ironic outcome” Carlson warned that a lack of information is the biggest problem plaguing Americans today.

While the “information age” was supposed to leave the world more enlightened, Carlson says instead true information is being withheld from a vast number of Americans.

Tucker’s warning for every American came hours before he was pulled off the air at Fox News

“The core promise of the internet was as much information as we’ve ever had at your fingertips,” Carlson said. “And the result has been a centralization of information.”

According to Carlson the upshot is a net of control falling over free speech in this country that “results in more control than we could even have imagined 20 years ago.”

It’s a situation Carlson says has left millions of US citizens in the dark when it comes to understanding the basic facts about critical issues.

At this point, Carlson’s advice for people is to hold on to the information government and corporate power players can’t make vanish with the click of a mouse.

Carlson: keep a physical library with “hardcopy books”

“Don’t throw away your hardcopy books,” Carlson directed. “Because they are the repository the enduring repository… and I’m dead serious.”

“I’m not going to tell you to buy gold and ammo,” he added. “Though, obviously, you should think about it. But definitely don’t throw away your books because they can’t be disappeared because they exist physically.”

Keep your relationships; things that “can’t be disappeared”

Carlson continued, “And don’t throw away your relationships with other people because they can’t be disappeared, either.”

No doubt, that infuriated the left and political establishment which profit handsomely off of dividing Americans into useful groups of political pawns.

Now Carlson says it’s time for Americans to double down on things that are real.

“Physical things that you can smell, those are the things that you can trust,” he added. “Your spouse, your dogs, your children—especially your dogs—but you know, your actual friendships, your college roommates, people in person, as the world becomes more digitized and people live in this kind of this realm is disconnected from physical reality.”

“I think the only way to stay sane is to cling more tightly to the things that you can smell,” Carlson concluded. “And I’ve really gotten to the point where if I can’t smell it, I’m not dealing with it. And I mean that and that includes books.”

Carlson’s warning comes as leftists around the world—including members of the World Economic Forum—are pushing an agenda to end free speech’s status as a core value of democracies.

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