Tucker Carlson just exposed this horrifying persecution of a Trump supporter

Democrats have put Trump supporters in their crosshairs.

Their latest move hit a disgusting new low.

Now, Tucker Carlson exposed this horrifying persecution of a Trump supporter.

Nancy Pelosi has weaponized her sham January 6 Committee to launch a witch hunt against Trump supporters.

Her latest move with the Committee was a bone-chilling political persecution of a political opponent.

Peter Navarro served as a trade advisor to President Trump developing his tough on China trade strategy.

The January 6 Committee subpoenaed his records even though he had nothing to do with the trumped events of that day.

Navarro, who was never charged with a crime, refused to hand over the documents which earned him a contempt charge for defying Pelosi. 

He claims that executive privilege doesn’t give Pelosi the power to demand his records.

For standing up to Pelosi’s witch hunt, he was arrested by federal agents in a fashion used for violent criminals.

He was strip searched, handcuffed, placed in leg irons and thrown in solitary confinement without food or water.

Now, Navarro is facing years in prison for refusing to comply with Pelosi’s demands.

When former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder was charged with contempt of Congress for his role in Operation Fast and Furious which led to the murder of a Border Patrol officer, he was never arrested.

Tucker Carlson unloaded on this political persecution of Navarro.

“The January 6 committee is Washington’s latest partisan inquisition,” Carlson said.

“Last Friday, federal agents arrested Peter Navarro at Reagan National Airport in Washington. They did not call his lawyer, as is customary in cases like this. They didn’t even come to his house, which, as it happens, is just feet from the FBI building, and they could have walked, but they didn’t,” he explained.

“Instead, they took down Peter Navarro in public, as you would a fugitive terror mastermind so everyone could see it and learn the lesson they were sending,” he continued.

“The point of the exercise is preventing Donald Trump from running for president again,” Carlson explained. “So, in the service of that goal, Pelosi and Liz Cheney demanded that Peter Navarro surrender records of his private conversations with his former boss, President Donald Trump, and when he refused to do that, Congress voted to hold him in contempt in a partisan vote and then Merrick Garland’s Justice Department filed criminal charges against Peter Navarro.”

“This is not the way civilized countries operate. Just because you control the White House and both houses of Congress, does not mean you get to throw your political opponents behind bars. That’s not what we do in America. That’s what they do in Haiti,” Carlson remarked.

“It’s a huge step toward the politics of the Third World,” Carlson said. “What we’re seeing is a massive escalation in the use by the Democratic Party of our justice system for partisan revenge.”

Pelosi’s latest move takes the weaponization of government by Democrats to the next level. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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