Tucker Carlson just dropped a bombshell exposing why gas is running out

Under Joe Biden, gas shortages are becoming commonplace in states across the country. 

Things only seem to be getting worse. 

And Tucker Carlson just dropped a bombshell exposing why gas is running out. 

When Donald Trump was in the White House, America was energy independent for the first time in decades. 

Gas prices reached historic lows, and Americans were back at work at record numbers. 

But then coronavirus hit, and all the progress was reversed. 

America was set for a great renewal once the pandemic was brought to an end.

That was until Joe Biden got into the White House, and he ensured that even an end to the pandemic wouldn’t reverse the economic downward spiral we are in. 

Tucker Carlson discussed this on a recent airing of his Fox News show, and spoke about how all of this plays into the gas shortages being seen across the nation. 

“First, they acted like the U.S. dollar had no value,” Carlson began. “They spent money like they just printed it for the occasion, which needless to say they had. And predictably, we wound up with frightening levels of inflation, which for the record, they still deny exists.”

Carlson points out that this inflation has caused major problems to the economy, pointing specifically to the price of corn, which has risen by 50 percent since January. 

“But that wasn’t bad enough, the lunatics then decided to make it even worse than that,” Carlson continued. “So they paid millions of Americans more than they make at work just to stay home and do nothing. To justify doing this, they used the word COVID quite a bit, but it had nothing to do with the pandemic, they just wanted to break the system and so they did.”

As Carlson explains, that combination has caused us to have rising unemployment during a period of severe labor shortages. 

All of this together brings Carlson to the conclusion that “somebody did this to us on purpose.”

Nobody is willing to acknowledge that. 

The Biden White House is claiming that gas shortages are being caused by some “cyberattack.” 

But all of the evidence points to the fact that it is his very policies that are causing this problem. 

Gas prices have been steadily climbing under Biden, and with there being no incentive for millions of people to work, full-scale gas shortages like what were seen under Jimmy Carter are extremely likely to occur. 

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