Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk revealed the tip of the iceberg for a bone-chilled globalist scheme

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The globalist elites have been exposed.

It has forced them to move up their timetable.

Because Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk revealed the tip of the iceberg for a bone-chilled globalist scheme.

Elites around the globe have screwed things up so royally, they have given rise to populist movements in many countries.

The United Kingdom witnessed Brexit, and the United States elected Donald Trump as President.

In response, the powers that be are attempting to rein in free speech.

Fox News canning Tucker Carlson was allegedly part of that effort.

But the elites know it’s a new information age and that simply canceling a show is only going to buy the legacy outlets some time.

So they’re doubling down.

The way they are doing that is with elaborate censorship and surveillance practices.

The D.C. Swamp is pushing America toward Communism with one disturbing plot

Elon Musk discovered the tip of the iceberg when he released the Twitter Files, but the problem is far worse.

Independent journalist Michael Shellenberger, one of the journalists who helped release the Twitter Files dispatches, revealed how public-private partnerships are attempting to surveil communications in encrypted messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram.

Shellenberger called out a report from the Omidyar Foundation, which looked for ways to combat so-called misinformation.

Billionaire entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar originally bankrolled the Intercept to facilitate the release of the Edward Snowden leaks.

But now Omidyar is fully on board the censorship regime.

Shellenberger wrote that a “‘think tank’ called ‘Meedan,’ which was one of Twitter’s principal ‘anti-disinformation partners’ on Covid, created a project called ‘CryptoChat,’ which advocated spying on encrypted chats to hunt down out wrongspeak. Andrew Lowenthal, the Digital Civil Liberties initiative founder and a colleague of [Matt] Taibbi’s, discovered this program.”

“Misinformation” and “disinformation” have become the justifications for mass surveillance.

Terrorism used to be the excuse, but now it’s generalized “misinformation,” meaning anything that legacy institutions say is untrue.

A January 2022 Omidyar Foundation report concluded, “Reports of violence, disinformation, and manipulation campaigns originating on private messaging platforms have become all too common…Not only are individuals’ lives and liberties impacted, but dangerous platform design choices also have devastating implications for our democratic institutions and the health and well-being of our societies.”

Now that information has been democratized, the elites are attempting to claw back control and install Stalinist levels of surveillance.

Going after encrypted messages was a likely next step after private direct messages on Twitter were already censored.

Prior to the 2020 election, Twitter users were not allowed to privately share the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop bombshell.

That means that, at minimum, the algorithm was monitoring private communications.

There’s no telling how much personal information corporations and their partners in the federal government have on private citizens.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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