Trump is taking on Big Tech in a battle that could very well determine the fate of the nation

Big Tech has become just another arm of the left-wing machine.

Their censorship is laughably one-sided.

And Trump is taking on Big Tech in a battle that could very well determine the fate of the nation.

Since banning Donald Trump across all social media platforms, Big Tech has been going on a bender of censorship that targets anyone they disagree with.

Rather than censoring content that is illegal or offensive like pornography and death threats, they have decided that so-called “misinformation” (meaning anything that goes against the Leftist mainstream narrative) must be banned.

As RealClearPolicy reports:

“This content removal, now often done openly and even self-aggrandizingly, kicked into overdrive during the pandemic-election season. Leading platforms wholly prohibited content that has since been rehabilitated: speculating about the Wuhan lab-leak theory, doubting the efficacy of lockdowns or mask-wearing, touting the efficacy of Ivermectin or other drugs — and yes, discussing or sharing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

And this brazen attempt to silence anyone who opposes the Left may just help former President Donald Trump in his lawsuit against the Big Tech giants.

Some legal experts have argued that Big Tech platforms have legal immunity for their actions.

But if it’s found that politicians have pressured Big Tech platforms to do the Biden administration’s bidding by suppressing opposition free speech, it could spell trouble for Democrats.

It is unconstitutional for the government to engage in a deliberate agreement with a private entity to abridge the First Amendment.

In other words, the government can’t bypass the First Amendment rights of Americans because they have allies at Facebook and Twitter.

And if Trump’s lawyers can prove this in court, then this could be the end of Big Tech’s monopoly on information.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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