Top Trump ally threatened a lawsuit against one despicable leftist

Social media has helped people understand the true nature of the Left.

Their so-called tolerance and compassion does not extend to those with whom they disagree politically.

And a top Donald Trump ally threatened a lawsuit against one despicable leftist.

Lynette Hardaway, Diamond of the charismatic Diamond and Silk political commentary duo, tragically passed away at 51 years old.

Diamond and Silk were unapologetic supporters of Donald Trump, which made them constant targets of the worst vitriol imaginable.

And the Left wasted no time trampling on Hardaway’s grave after her death was announced.

Bishop Talbert Swan, a leftist activist who constantly makes nasty online comments, also claimed that Hardaway died of COVID.

Swan tweeted, “Lynette Hardaway, aka ‘Diamond’ from the MAGA Trump supporting duo Diamond and Silk, died from contracting what she called ‘a hoax’ better known as COVID-19. The irony is palpable.”

Swan did not provide any evidence; he didn’t need to.

He just wanted to stomp on her grave and revel in her death.

Silk threatens lawsuit

Rochelle “Silk” Richardson immediately responded and wrote, “Well it looks like we have us another lying MOFO who calls himself a Bishop but acts more like a B!tch A$$. Where’s your proof that my sister died from contracting COVID-19? No Proof plus No Truth equates to a Lawsuit. You have until 12 midnight tonight to retract.”

Swan did not delete the comment, but he turned off his replies after getting hit with a deluge of criticism for his disgusting tweet.

One user commented, “No the irony is calling yourself a bishop. Diamond did nothing to you, yet you speak [ill] of dead is amazing. I hope [you’re] not a leader of a church.”

Another commenter said, “You’re a bishop and you’re talking like that about someone who has passed away? You should be ashamed of yourself and you’ll be facing God at a higher standard.”

Swan received another critique that read, “What a un-Christlike thing to say. I bet your parishioners are so proud of your being a political entity over being a man of God, ‘Bishop.’ Seems Satan has hold of your soul. Praying for you.”

Swan responded in true leftist fashion, whining, “None of you ‘outraged’ wypipo [meme spelling of white people] in my mentions would give a rodent’s derrière if Diamond wasn’t shucking and jiving apologizing for white supremacy.”

Rush Limbaugh explained that leftists are leftists first, and everything else second.

A supposed man of God is such a hate-filled leftist that he would respond so disgracefully upon an innocent woman’s death.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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