To fight back against Big Tech censorship one group launched a major new initiative to arm Conservatives in a way many never considered

The Left’s hostility is growing.

Radical leftists in Silicon Valley expanded censorship targets more and more.

And to fight back against Big Tech censorship one group launched a major new initiative to arm Conservatives in a way many never considered.

Few on the Right ever imagined Big Tech had it out for Conservatives to such extremes.

But Silicon Valley isn’t even pretending anymore when it comes to their anti-conservative bias and desire to put a muzzle on those they disagree with.

Christian Conservatives know about the Left’s open hostility more than anyone though.

The Left’s crusade to remove all traces of religiosity from public life is decades old and they’ve only gotten more unhinged about it in the Internet age.

But one group of Christians has a new plan to fight back against the anti-Christian tidal wave on the internet.

The CatholicVote Education Fund announced a new social media site called EDIFY to fight back against the secularization of the culture.

The site intends to provide Catholics with bite-sized informative videos on various religious and cultural topics and first up they’re taking aim at a topic where Big Tech has long censored Conservative voices – gender identity.

Scot Landry, who was tapped to run EDIFY, articulated the company vision in a statement:

“Today in America there are many harmful ideas being pushed in our culture and onto our young people, such as critical race theory, gender ideology, socialism, aggressive secularism, and other destructive ideologies. American Catholics want resources to win the war of ideas and elevate the conversations that shape our families, workplaces, parishes, and communities.”

Religion is widely recognized for providing a bulwark against many of the Left’s worst ideas.

So Socialist, Communist and authoritarian revolutions of every stripe either stamped out or co-opted the church as they gained control of government.

Leftists – especially the Big Tech “elite” – are clearly going off that playbook in America today, driving the culture to steer people away from religion.

And efforts like EDIFY to fight against that are critical in stopping America’s undoing.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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