This scandal has locals shell-shocked as a professor fights back after getting fired by the woke mob

Leftists are getting their claws into every aspect of American life.

Now a scandal in an all-American community has locals shell-shocked.

And a professor is fighting back after getting fired by the woke mob.

Free speech is quickly becoming a relic of the past inside American education institutions.

Now a professor who was teaching at an elite residential summer program for gifted and talented high school students is going to battle with the woke forces rapidly taking over education in his state and across the country.

Lawsuit claims North Carolina School “sacrificed” professor on “altar of their radical ideology”

Ironically, it was a seminar Dr. David Phillips was teaching about the “importance of viewpoint diversity in higher education” he gave last year that apparently got him fired.

Apparently, leftist academics have become so bold they aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they are willing to go to any length to shut down any and all dissenting voices.

According to a lawsuit he’s filed, the Governor’s School in North Carolina “sacrificed Dr. Phillips on the altar of their radical ideology.”

“Defendants took their own stand against viewpoint diversity by firing Dr. Phillips because they disagreed with his views,” legal documents filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom explained.

Phillips who had worked for the Governor’s school for eight years says that over time elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT) started taking over the school with people being sorted out by various “characteristics like race, sex, and religion.”

Those inside each category were then labeled as either oppressors or victims.

“They attacked whiteness, maleness, heterosexuality and Christianity—none of which should have been relevant—in their comments and questions,” the lawsuit added.

Hal Frampton, Dr. Phillips’ lawyer, says his client is fighting to get back on the school’s teaching staff to ensure his students aren’t stuck with a big dose of propaganda rather than getting an education designed to encourage them to think for themselves.

“The biggest issue here is that schools should be in the business of fostering intellectual diversity, not firing people who disagree with the school’s point of view,” Frampton argued during an interview with CBS 17. “School should be a place where students…should be learning to think for themselves.”

The school is now in the hot seat with just 30 days to respond to Dr. Phillips’ lawsuit.

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