This Republican Senate hopeful says Big Tech is nothing more than an extension of the surveillance state

It’s no longer the topic of a fiction novel or the latest blockbuster movie in theaters.

No, the censorship of individuals is very real, very alive, and very much controlled by the radical Left.

And this Republican Senate hopeful says Big Tech is nothing more than an extension of the surveillance state.

In the beginning, it seemed like a page out of a science fiction novel.

Could the government really be using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to spy on people?

Well, it appears the answer is a very firm yes.

Of course, Democrat-controlled Big Tech and radical liberals everywhere would say it’s all being done for your safety, which is a lie they use to try and make you feel safe while they totally violate your privacy.

Blake Masters, a well-known leader in the tech industry and candidate in Arizona’s Republican Senate primary, would take it a step further and tell you that Big Tech is now operating “as an extension of a surveillance state that indiscriminately violates your privacy.”

Masters, who previously worked for tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel, recently slammed PayPal for its plan to share Americans’ financial transaction data with the left-wing, liberal-run Anti-Defamation league.

The Senate hopeful said it was an “obvious pretext to suppress any dissent.”

Now Masters is blasting Apple’s recent announcement that it will scan users’ photo libraries for illegal images, saying the company is abandoning its previously robust commitment to user privacy.

Masters is calling for a “new set of legal protections” that would protect users from being “constantly spied on and exploited.”

Collecting data isn’t an integral part of Apple’s business, so the company’s moves to dig even further into a user’s private life can only be seen as an extension of government surveillance.

Why else would they want all of your data?

At one time, Apple enjoyed a relatively unblemished record for upholding user privacy, but those days are behind us now.

This most recent announcement by Apple saying they will be reviewing user’s photos looking for images of child abuse comes on the heels of PayPal stating they will share data with law enforcement as part of an effort to combat the “far-right.”

Apple tried to make the complete invasion of privacy a little more palatable by saying it’s in the name of “child safety,” but there is no doubt this will extend far beyond the safety of children.

It will only be a matter of time if it hasn’t started already until Apple starts “reviewing” everyone’s photos and deciding what is allowed and what is considered “dissent.”

Masters echoed the concerns of many, saying, “Before long, they’ll be scanning your phone for ‘extremism’ or ‘hateful content,’ and everybody who opposes [their] new oligarchy will be a target.”

Democrats continue to say these steps are “for your own good,” but in reality, it is just a way to squash the competition and get the American people in lockstep with a radically liberal agenda.

Americans need to start demanding protections over their privacy, or before too long, any bit of privacy they may have left will be gone.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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