This major leftist media outlet just declared outright war on white people

The corporate-controlled press and Big Tech now serve as enforcement arms of the establishment.

All unapproved messages get shouted down or flat-out censored.

Now a major leftist media outlet just declared outright war on white people.

A writer for leftist news outlet BuzzFeed is furious that JK Rowling—one of the best-selling authors in history—and parents around the country concerned about their children’s education received media attention.

BuzzFeed culture writer Alessa Dominguez believes it’s problematic that Rowling was permitted to express her views on transgenderism.

Even though Rowling is a liberal, she is guilty of “wrongthink” because she does not believe that a biological man can become a woman.

In a piece titled “Deplatform White Parents,” Dominguez wrote:

[Rowling] became a trending topic on Twitter, promoting a link between transness and sexual violence. US media covered her tweet as a controversy that implied there might be a real threat posed by trans self-determination. It might be too obvious to state, but there isn’t. In fact, there is actually an ongoing epidemic of violence against trans women, and no such pattern of trans women committing violence against cis women or anyone else.

This is false.

Based on the best available data, violence against trans women has almost nothing to do with identity and more to do with personal conflicts, or involvement in the drug trade or sex work.

There is no spate of hate crimes against trans people.

Moreover, female prisoners have been the victims of rape and assault at the hands of trans prisoners.

Dominguez then took aim at parents protesting against the neo-Marxist philosophy of critical race theory.

She wrote:

The term “critical race theory” was perfect for right-wing campaigns, though, because, as one activist told the New Yorker this summer, to “most” Americans it “connotes hostile, academic, divisive, race-obsessed, poisonous, elitist, anti-American.” So a long-term campaign to dismantle any talk of race and history in schools was rebranded as a crusade against critical race theory, even though that term actually refers to a graduate-level theory about the intersections of law, culture, and structural racism that has nothing to do with elementary history in classrooms.

Dominguez is parroting a talking point of the Left by trying to reframe CRT as simply teaching history.

Schools are not excluding slavery and Jim Crow from their curricula.

CRT is an ideological framework that teachers and administrators are using to shoehorn in radical ideas.

For example, class exercises where kids are grouped by race as oppressors and oppressed are not merely “teaching history”; it’s indoctrination plain and simple.

“Woke” BuzzFeed writers only represent a sliver of the population, but they believe their fringe ideology should drown out all other perspectives.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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