This darling of the Democrat Party called out the Left for one growing problem

Hollywood celebrities are expected to toe the Democratic line.

Anybody who doesn’t, creates a disruption in the machine.

Now this darling of the Democrat Party has called out the Left for one growing problem.

Charlamagne Tha God, co-host of the New York radio show The Breakfast Club and host of the Comedy Central show Hell of a Week, rankled leftists when he sat for one interview.

The host, who routinely shills for the Democratic Party, made comments during a Fox Digital interview that won’t go over well with many on the Left.

When discussing the topic of so-called gender-affirming care—putting children on puberty blockers and subjecting them to “transition” surgeries—Charlamagne rejected the smear of “transphobic” for people opposing the Left on the issue.

He said, “Things like that bother me because it’s like we’re not even allowing ourselves to have the conversation…Like, you’re just putting these labels on people. Like I’m transphobic because I feel like I’m, you know, just using a little common sense here…There’s certain things minors cannot do because they’re minors. So you don’t think something as big as changing your gender, shouldn’t you wait until you’re at least 18? The fact that people can’t even have a conversation about that without labeling somebody transphobic is very, very, very, very strange to me because it’s not like these people are saying, ‘No, we don’t want anybody transitioning,’ you know. Or ‘being trans is wrong.’ They’re simply saying, ‘Hey, let these minors wait until they’re a certain age.’ That’s very worthy of a conversation.”

It’s mind-blowing that that sentiment has become controversial in this day and age.

People have lost their careers for making similar statements.

The Left have moved so far that the Biden administration is openly advocating for “gender-affirming care” based on dubious science from transgender activists.

Doctors are under the threat of losing their licensure if they do not go along with these radical measures.

Charlamagne continued, “And I think that you’re cheating those kids by not having the conversation, like you’re just shutting things down. Like, let’s all come to the table and talk about it and discuss these things…You shouldn’t just label somebody ‘transphobic’ because they’re saying, ‘Hey man, I think that this is a big decision for a kid to make, and maybe they should wait until they’re older.’ Like, that’s just common sense to me. But you know, who am I to judge?”

The United Kingdom has rolled back some of the far-left activism; the country closed down the gender clinic Tavistock amid concerns over the long-term health of children.

However, the United States has not yet reached that point.

Regarding cancel culture, the host said, “I actually think that is weak…You’re not allowing yourself the opportunity to have a healthy debate. You’re not allowing yourself opportunity to have a healthy conversation. Like you’re gonna cancel somebody for something they said? Like let’s have a conversation about it.”

The tide against left-wing cancel culture could be turning.

These statements were grounds for being read out of polite society not too long ago. 

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